Monday, September 07, 2009

Daily Show Jon Stewart Destroys Bill Kristol on Health Care - The Ultimate Smackdown!

It must be so hard for these conservatives to defend the indefensible.


  1. Thank you, Ronni! My pet peeve is all these oldsters, on Medicare/Medicaid, and possibly, also Disability, who show up at these morning/afternoon "town halls" SINCE THEY DON'T WORK & I DO, trying to keep a Public Option (that would benefit ME) out! The hypocrisy is astonishing.

  2. They are drinking the Koolaid.

  3. I am one of those oldsters on Medicare plus I pay dearly for a supplemental policy and RX coverage. I worked also, all my life, and contributed to SS as did my late husband. I am not receiving a handout - I paid in for 35 years and now receive benefits based on my husband's earning history. I don't attend town hall meetings and I think the Public Option must be part of the new plan so that the millions without health care can be helped. Help for U.S. citizens! Get out of the wars! Wasted lives...more every day.
    I do know that millions of dollars are wasted by Medicare and Medicaid and could give eye-opening examples. Closing these loopholes/fraud would be enough to provide MANY people with medical help. The waste is unreal!
    Obama is trying to get too much done too quickly. The health care reform must be a top priority, but it must be done right. Every aspect must be considered without rushing to just put together a bill - the law should be clear, precise and offer the most help to most people. Cannot satisfy all - we know that.

  4. Nope, and I wouldn't expect a public option of health coverage for the current crop of worker bees to be a handout, either, BUT a public option would def. be another form of competition that would help lower costs overall. More options, inc. a public option, IS more competition- isn't that what we all want? They all said Medicare was a commie plot back then, too.

  5. The only "oldsters" (I prefer "elders") I'm knocking are the ones that are drinking the koolaid.

    I, personally, need a public-option insurance plan. Something on a sliding scale, tied in to my income.

  6. That was me, Ronni, at 7:31.
    Let's cross our fingers that something good happens with the reform altho I read nothing would reach the Prez's desk til December.
    Jo Ann