Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I Learned From Jim

First, foremost and hugest: I learned what it's like when love is right. What it could be and should be when you share core values, but there's always that bit of excitement over the differences.

I learned to how stand up for myself. It was easy when I knew that somebody had my back.

I learned that I can drive a Miata all day and love every minute of it.

I learned that I can write. Famous words: "Just do it."

I learned that I can act.

I learned how to shoot a hand gun, and a picture.

I learned how to sponge-paint a room, and how to etch glass.

...and I learned how ephemeral is paradise.


  1. "...and I learned how ephemeral is paradise."

    Thank you for the reminder, Ronni.
    You have a gift with words, and I'm so sorry that it had to be grief that led you to share your gift with the world.
    much love and hugs ..t

  2. Do you think my writing has improved since Jim's death? Or just got more "real?"

  3. To be honest I can't remember if I read your blog before Jim passed away. I didn't realize you had started it before then. Forgive me if I have just forgotten about it, my brain is not always clear. I had not yet discovered blogs and hardly went beyond emailing with friends and family. That was just my own comfort level with the computer. I realize I could take time now and read your older posts and just haven't done it.
    If I was to answer your question without reading the older posts, I would say that how "real" they are really depends on your own interpretation first. Has it satisfied you and your requirements, your need to write. Are you fulfilled by your writing more now than before? If they seem "real" to me it is because of my widowed aunt's situation and how she shares much the same story you do, and my own situation with friend Mark and the grief I have known over his death, nothing to the extent you have over Jim, but your writing still touches me in a very real way. ...t

  4. It's nice to see that you are able to write about positive memories you had with Jim.

    Kudos to you Ronni.

  5. Sprocket, to be honest, I got the idea from Steve Huff. His brother did what Jim did, seven years before. He posted something similar about his brother on Facebook, so I was inspired. It really does help to do that.

    Tracie, I feel as if I write like I talk, so I am actually curious what effect, if any, Jim's death had on that. I have to say that it was the first time I tried to write something that personal.

  6. Maybe you write like you talk, but there seems to be a difference in contemplative writing like a blog entry than in chatting face to face or just sending an email. I think when you write a blog entry you seem to take time (Maybe you don't, but that may also be where the gift comes in) to think out what you want to say. You're writing is poetic whether you mean it to be or not, and in that way I find it very real and touching....t