Thursday, August 20, 2009

Latest in the Retrial of Cameron Brown

According to The Daily Breeze, the Biomechanics expert, Wilson Hayes, testified that it is his "inescapable conclusion" that Lauren was thrown off the cliff at Inspiration point.
Hayes and an associate also conducted trajectory experiments to see how fast a reasonably healthy adult man could throw objects in the 40- to 45-pound range, like Lauren.

Based on Lauren's injuries, the path the weights took over the cliff and the topography of the rock face, Hayes concluded that she was launched head first, hit her face and upper body on an outcropping before bouncing into the ocean 120 feet or so below.
Wilson Hayes testified at the first trial, and for the Grand Jury. He is the last witness for the prosecution.

May justice be served, this time.

Thanks to Cameron Brown Trial for the link.


  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone has any news on this case. Thanks!

  2. On Friday, the jury reported a deadlock, with one juror (#4) refusing to deliberate. The judge sent them back, and deliberations recommenced yesterday. Nothing further has been heard. Thanks for asking. As soon as we know something, I will post.