Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Jealous

It rained in Leander yesterday evening. Mike and Vanessa's new house is about 15 miles from mine, and we didn't get a drop. Vanessa and Ethan went puddle 'tomping in the yard. She said it was a lot of fun--it had been years since she had been puddle 'tomping. It has been years since I've been puddle 'tomping, too. The notable absence of puddles makes it difficult; not to mention that people look very strangely at puddle 'tomping women of a certain (ahem) age.

You can tell by the background in the picture that they are in the process of moving in, and you can tell by Ethan's face that he is not quite used to the house yet. He went caroming around a corner and right smack dab into an open kitchen cabinet that was being loaded.

A righteous puddle 'tomp can make everything better!

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