Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The End of Summer

Summer is over.

Oh, the hundred-degree afternoons are still with us, and the grass, dry and sere. The sun is still beating down and sapping my strength day by day.

But Brendan is gone.

Somehow he seems more gone this year than he did last August, when we sent him off to his Great College Freshman Adventure. Perhaps because he's older; maybe because he won't be coming home for Thanksgiving unless I can somehow pay his fare.

He doesn't leave town until Friday, when his dad will put him on a bus for Iowa, but he will spend tomorrow with Jimmy and Rachel in Jarrell. I am, after all, not the only family he has.

He has been gone only half an hour, but the house is already dark and quiet.

I know, I know...he's a man now. Thank God I'm sad about his going off to college and not terrified that he's going to Afghanistan. I can't even think about that one.

So, once again, I pull up my socks and stop whining. He's getting an education, right? He's going to leave home eventually, right? I don't want him living at home when he's 35, right?


So, pass the Glen and the Kleenex, please...


  1. I finally stopped missing my boys. They are 31 and 29. It takes time.

    If its any consolation--I do feel free now.


  2. I still miss my boy (he's 20). I'm enjoying the boy-man, most of the time. :-)

  3. Been there, still doing that every time he leaves home for his own home now, way up in New York City. I miss both of my kids so much, wish they were closer. It's not a replacement for Brendan in any way, but you are lucky to have grandkids and to have them nearby. My thoughts are with you! It was fun seeing you last night. Your car looked brand new! A rain wash or a car wash? My poor car needs a bath and a scrubbing behind the ears.

  4. It's the rain, Tracie! I should have got Brendan to give it a wash when he was here, but Minnie still needs (as you put it) a scrubbing behind the ears! I'm thinking about having that little spoiler taken off, as the paint on it is blistering...

    Mysty, it looks as if we have a few years to go before we are off the hook. My girls are 32 and 28, and my hears thuds to the floor every time they talk of moving away. I don't blame them...I got as far away from my parents as I could, as fast as I could. I am lucky they choose to stay close.

  5. You said: "I'm thinking about having that little spoiler taken off, as the paint on it is blistering..."

    Maybe I should have said "a scrubbing behind the rears" ? Hmm...That could conjure up an unpleasant image perhaps. haha