Thursday, August 27, 2009

...And There Was Rain!

We had to stop rehearsal last night, and go out and admire the rain for a few minutes! I was revolving in circles and howling in ecstasy! What the heck! It was RAINING!

After a few minutes, it commenced to raining INSIDE the theater, but a bucket and a roll of paper towels soon took care of that. I'm sure our lovely Buildings and Grounds Person (thanks, David) will be up there, fixing the flashing, before the next deluge...

At nine o'clock, when rehearsal was over, I puddle-'tomped all the way to the car, and came home with my shoes and feet covered in mud.

MUD! Holy cow! We haven't seen mud in months!

It wasn't enough. It will not have replenished our lakes and creeks, but it was a blessed relief!

1 comment:

  1. GAH - take some of ours. I cant remember a rainier (sic?) summer EVER.