Friday, July 03, 2009

New Links

Some of you might have noticed that I have added a few new blog links. Check them out.

Advanced Style is essentially a photo blog. The owner goes around New York City taking pictures of older people who have developed a personal style and thumb their noses at the vagaries of fashion. Some of the entries are from other photographers in other cities.

Art Everyday Art is a brand new blog, by a friend of mine who is an artist. She is going to try to post an entry every day, so keep checking in there.

Have the T-shirt I glommed from the blog links on Cacaphony, a blog written by Lisa in Indianapolis. Every so often, I read the links of my links, and I like this lady's style.

I Was Just Driving Down the Road offers some pithy and acerbic observations about just what "driving" means in our society.

Peace 4 the Missing is another blog about missing people. Take a look at never know where or when you might see someone you recognize from a picture. Everyone's story needs to be told, and there are too many missing.

Profoundly Superficial is a link from the aforementioned Advanced Style, and this blogger has a style all her own.

This cantankerous crone will continue to spend hours sniffing through the forests of the internet in order to bring you the truffles she finds amidst the...other stuff.


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