Friday, July 03, 2009

Fun With Crime Story Comments

I joined the discussion of the Coleman murder case at St Louis Today. It's not a message board, but comments on a news story. When the site posts a new story, the commenters scurry over there to continue the discussion.

So, yesterday, I got a little huffy, after a couple of people posted some somewhat off-colour, and totally off-topic jokes about Michael Jackson and the charges of which he was acquitted. I said this:
While not a Michael Jackson fan, in the sense of the weeping wailers, I don't choose to see this thread hijacked again by those who want to speak ill of the dead.
See ya!
I closed out of the page. A few hours later, I went back to see if they were back on topic, and if anyone had anything to say that was pertinent to the case, and look what I found:
Me thinks Jane Truth missed her dose of Premarin. (estrogen used to treat PMS et. al) Interesting story about Premarin. The name was taken from the source of the drug itself. Pregnant(PRE), mare's(MAR), urine(IN) PREMARIN. Just a little inside info.
This, as any of you will understand, pissed me off. I put up with that crap through many years of a marriage...laughing at sexist jokes to avoid being thought stuffy, or a "feminazi." Not happening any more.

The fun continues. I couldn't let that lie:
What? I'm going hormonal because I don't want to read tacky MJ jokes on a story about a murder I'm following?
That is a really, REALLY sexist and ageist remark, George, and I resent it mightily.
(I wasn't the only one being attacked in this way, and the other victim has been handling the acrimony in her own way.) The disgruntled male came back with this:
HerToHelp and Jane Truth-----Well you both have done something that I thought would never happen. I am so ashamed of the countless posts I have made her that I thought were very pertinent but have come to realize that I have offended people beyond repair. I could apologize but that wouldn't be enough so as of right now I will leave this site, never to return and bother anyone again. Goodbye.

Naaah--just kidding. I am too old to be scolded and too big to be afraid. I know for a fact that my sense of humor brings a tiny bit of joy into most people's lives. For those that it don't. TOUGH--T--Get over it or when you see my name just don't read the post. I have been on this site from the beginning and it's real hard to remember "real" contributions from either Jane or Here. I only recall criticisms of others.
OK. He done pissed me off again. I have not been critical of others on that site, and, in the beginning, I was the only one (it seemed) who had followed other cases. I got several private messages asking me questions, and I hawked Marilee Strong's book as a real eye-opener about this type of crime. His next, after some self-defense from the other woman attacked:
Here To Help--- I don't think you are in as much need for estrogen supplementation as Jane Truth. Believe it or not, that is a compliment.
So. Now he knows that he can get a rise out of me with this type of comment. I might as well acknowledge it. I said this in answer to his comment about my being critical of others:
George, I have not been critical of others, except of the off-topic posts about MJ, which I shall continue to consider to be in very bad taste.
Your sense of humour is usually spot on, and much appreciated. I would just like to let Michael Jackson be remembered for his contribution to the music of Twentieth Century America, and not for allegations of which he was acquitted (in case you forgot that part).
I am going to let this slide, from here, because it's obvious that you have a faulty memory.
And this, in response to his next comment about hormones:
Oh, for God's sake! I fail to see why you think I'm in need of estrogen just because I take exception to your off topic jokes about Michael Jackson.
Or are you one of those sexist idiots who just HAS to say that to any woman who doesn't laugh her derriere off at your off-colour jokes? IOW, guilty of sexual harassment.
If you drop it, I will. If this is just to see if you can get a rise out of me (who knows why?), then you have your answer. Yes, it makes me angry to have my opinions denigrated as "hormonal."
I gotta say...where do they find these people?


Well! An apology:
Jane Truth---Sometimes I carry my jokes too far. I think this was one of those times. My memory is not infallible and your are probably correct in your assretions. Have a nice holiday, eat some BBQ, drink something cold and enjoy family. I am signing off now to hold my dog's hand who is scared to death any time he hears anything louder than a fart.
Thank you, George.

Sometimes it pays to stick to your guns.


  1. JT, don't bother getting into a debate with the ignorant, the small-minded, or the bombastic iconoclast. They don't "get it", never did, and never will. Trying to fight back with logic when the ignorant attempt to reduce us to cultural stereotypes is futile and useless!

    And I will end that statement as a true Southern lady...."bless his heart". LOL

  2. I don't really see it as getting into a debate, Goldie. It's more like "sticking up for myself."

    I will fully admit to being a cantankerous fact, I'm quite proud of it.

    Still and all, your answer is best: "bless his heart!"

  3. From an old Yenta to an old Crone:

    You go girl!!!!!!!!

  4. Sounds like a comedy duo:

    Yenta and Crone...

  5. Missed your dose of premarin? Lord have mercy, these folks don't know who they're f'ing with.

    <3 you Jane. Glad that you got an apology. Hope no one farts around George and his dog. Happy Independence Day!

  6. Thanks, Mtnwmn!

    I've survived the Mutts! I don't think George has a prayer! LOL!

  7. Ronni:

    I apologize for the behavior shown to you by my hometown.

    By the way--nothing George wrote could be categorized as humor.


  8. We have found a place for agreement. Since he apologized, he has been nice. I just had to out-stubborn him, is all.