Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fourth of July in Round Rock

The obligatory monster trucks.

My friend T. It was nice of the President to come, considering how hard the local Democrats worked for him.

Yes, that's me. One of a crowd of about thirty or forty extremely triumphant Democrats, walking in the Frontier Days, 4th of July Parade, in this very RED town in this very RED county in this very RED state.

Somebody brought the President, but he seemed a little flat. He was probably easier to pack, that way.

Diana Maldonado, the first Democrat elected here in umpty-ump years.

The parade was actually fun, in spite of temperatures in the nineties. There was a bit of breeze, but I'm sure glad I wore my hat! It had been thirty years (give or take) since I had been in the Frontier Days parade, and the last time, I rode in an old fire truck.


  1. What fun! Beautiful photos. Love your hat!

  2. Thanks, Mtnwmn! I had red, white and blue flowers on it, but all you can see is the red one!

  3. Glad you could be there showing your support for Maldonado, Obama, and ALL the Democrats representing ALL of Round Rock! Love your captions!

  4. T, your pictures are great, as well, but I need to see larger ones. Maybe upload them to your Facebook profile. I'm in the process of doing that with mine, right now. It takes a while, but it's worth it.

    Or you could make a flickr or photobucket account with them.