Saturday, July 25, 2009

Abuse on the Access Road

Tracie and I headed off to Austin this afternoon to support our President and his Health Care plan, because...well...we need a health care plan, and even if the one he's proposing doesn't do everything I want it to, at least it's a start.

We hadn't even got on the highway yet, when a pickup truck pulled around and stopped dead, right in front of us. I stepped on the brakes right smartly, as I couldn't pull around him right away, due to cars in the other lane. It looked as if he had his emergency flashers on, but that only one was working. Either that, or he had his left turn signal on while he stopped in the right lane.

So, he was waving us around him, and I was shrugging and pointing to the cars in the other lane, that he could see in his mirror, just as I could. The cars went by, so I pulled out to go around this person who I thought must be having car trouble.

Dearly Beloved, Ladies and Germs, Lo and Behold, he started yelling and cursing at us, and shaking his fist!

Something about "Obama bitches," and "fucking Obama shit," and other things we couldn't make out as we gunned it out of there. We couldn't see him behind us, so I guess he must have turned off down Buffalo Gap, or whatever that street is called where Melanie and Holly used to live...but we were shocked! He was a young man, who obviously should have been slapped around a bit as a child.

Tracie said he was probably jealous because we had a nice little red Miata (with an Obama bumper sticker) and he had a 90s model champagne beige pickup truck.

It's not nice to cuss at ladies in sports cars.


  1. It makes me laugh. I remember in November when there were the announcements of how many businesses were closing down I was included in an e-mail from an old friend which also included her family.

    When her brother, also an old friend replied to all. "yeah, look at all the fucking change thats going on", I felt the need to reply that Obama wasnt President yet.

    The reply? Fuck you, you fucking liberal.

    It made me chuckle a bit, because it was ignorance at its highest.

  2. Yeah, there were a lot of them at the rally...all the Republicans were across the street, screaming at us at the top of their lungs...last time somebody got that angry at a political rally I attended, the guy ran home, poured himself into his old Scout suit, and chased us around with a hatchet!

    Of course, that was over 30 years ago...