Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Pics From the Rally

Both of these are by Paul Rhea. He has a lot more on Facebook.
I can't believe this crap. Pick a lane, people...the Repugnicans were out in force! But, you know what? there were a lot more "Us's" than "Them's!" Paul says that, when both camps moved on to the park, the kid with the swastika was confronted by a Jewish kid, and had to be protected by his fellows. Kid just flails around with it, without any thought to what it actually means, in our culture. Maybe he's one of those who thinks Hitler was on the right track and the Holocaust never happened. Tracie and I left before they went to the park, as the heat was pretty intense and the crowd, huge.

Paul was this close, and I didn't see him!

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