Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coleman In Court

This Morning, Chris Coleman was hauled into court for a preliminary hearing.

STLToday story about the hearing. New and more damning information was released.

First, it appears that he wrote the first threatening email on his very own work computer! Doh! As has been pointed out on one of the message boards, Old Chris is not the brightest candle on the cake.

Or did an unknown crazy person enter his home or workplace and type a threatening email and then exit stage left, running all the way?

If you buy that, I'll throw in the Brooklyn Bridge!

Next, he told two different stories about the origin of an abrasion on his arm. Never a good idea.

Seems he had steamy computer sex with the Track Tramp in Florida, and she travelled all over with him. Gee. I wonder how the Joyce Meyers organization avoided knowing about that! Ms Florida Frizz bought him a phone for those secret calls, and they had credit cards in both of their names.

Must have been highly amusing to Chris's family and their church members who sat in the front row. According to the St Louis FOX channel, they were thoroughly enjoying themselves...these are the nice Christian folks who have not offered Sheri's mother any of her things, or anything of Gavin's or Garett's.

It must be getting more difficult to support Chris, after the information released today. Did they ever believe him? Who knows? If they did, today must have been something of a shock.

The next court date is August 26th. I can hardly wait!


  1. Just trying to think like a Margulis. Okay: prove that only CC had access to his laptop. If CC EVER, even once, left his laptop where it could be used by another person, then that could sow reasonable doubt as to who left the letters. A straw, but probably the only one B-Mar's got. He could cast blame on another JMM employee, Tara Lintz--even Sheri herself, even the boys! Who knows what kids are up to these days?

    The abrasion? Well, it's hearsay, I think. Someone heard CC tell his dad that he got it from the gurney. I don't know if B-Mar can keep this evidence out, but he'll try to keep anything out that he can for any pretext he can cook up.

    I find it interesting that CC is now cowering in the car seat! What is it he can't stand? The shouting? The hateful looks? He can't even "evil up" and own his inner monster? That, at least, would give him some Manson or Drew Peterson street cred. Now he just looks like whining coward, afraid of the nasty people shouting at him.

  2. I wonder if CC will sort of plead "I'm crazy, always was crazy, the whole adultery thing was a symptom of mental disorder, and that mental disorder culminated in me, of all people, committing murder on my beloved family. I had to be crazy, didn't I, to do that? Of course I'm crazy. Crazy as a loon. Not evil. Just crazy. NUTS."

  3. A straw is right! Maybe a smidgeon of doubt, but not "reasonable doubt." I would be very surprised to find that he had no password set to guard access to his computer. I'm sure his boss knew his password, but probably no one else.

    Hearsay by cop, or other LE-connected person counts.

    He can say he's crazy all he wants to--the fact remains that his actions show that he was well aware that his actions were wrong, and not knowing that is the legal standard for an insanity defense.

  4. Specter's crazy as a jarfull of grasshoppers, and he got 19 to life.

  5. Did you see his mug shot? Holy Cow!

  6. I have to say my jaw dropped.

  7. I posted it. His hair appears to have dropped, as well.

  8. He sent it from his work computer? What a fu**ing tard. Doesnt he know a thing?

    I know its a town in the middle of nowhere, and probably has no Internet Cafe's to speak of, but I would think there would be a LIBRARY there or something.

  9. I'm waiting for the tox reports to see if they were drugged. Small comfort if they never knew what happened or who the evil person was that murdered them.

  10. CG, there are reports that a neighbour heard screams at 3 AM.