Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scratching My Head

PDF of the Colemans' refi mortgage

Chris Coleman and Sheri Coleman both signed this document on October 6th.

PDF of the quitclaim that Sheri signed, also on October 6th.

Both documents were recorded on November 20th.

Can somebody please give me a logical reason why a wife would sign on for the refinance debt and then remove herself from any ownership in the equity? Am I missing something, or do I just not know enough about how such things work?


  1. I am no expert for sure, but these two documents signed on the same day and prepared by the same title company make no sense.
    She signed away her ownership rights to the property, but would still be responsible for the re-fi loan. I think her signature should be verified ASAP!

  2. Maybe she didn't know what she was signing.

  3. Nessa, if you look at pictures of her, you'll see that she doesn't look like a person who would sign something without knowing what it was.

    Unless Chris acted like SSS, in which case she might have been reduced to a snivelling wimp like I was. Put up a good front, but do anything to keep the peace.

    Jo Ann, exactly. I'm still looking for a reasonable explanation.