Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More New Information on Coleman has an interesting article today about the Coleman murder case, providing much more information than we have had to date. From the link:
According to the search warrants made public Wednesday, police also took into evidence a greeting card addressed to Christopher Coleman's post office box in Columbia from St. Petersburg, Fla., found in the glove box of Coleman's 1998 green Ford Explorer

Like Scott Peterson, this POS had a PO box so that he could receive mail from his girlfriend in Florida without his wife knowing. I guess he trusted her to stay out of the glove box of his car. Further:
With the search warrant for Chris Coleman's body, police took two swabbings of his right hand and noted a reddish injury to his right forearm, and two scratches on his right forearm. Police also took handwriting samples from him.
So. Possible defensive injuries. And handwriting samples. Were the police suspicious from the beginning, or were they seeking to eliminate him as a suspect? Not that it really matters in the long run, because I think he will be found to be the one who wrote on the walls.
A Home Depot receipt dated July 29 for the purchase of spray paint was recovered from a travel bag that contained Chris Coleman's wallet.
The receipt for spray paint from last July is not suspicious of itself...heck, I have spray paint around that I bought that long ago. The suspicious thing, for me, is where it was found. In "a travel bag that contained Chris Coleman's wallet." As well, I'd like to know if he made a habit of keeping such close tabs on receipts. The article does not say if there were other receipts in the bag (with his wallet).

The thing is, your wallet is something you keep a close eye on. It usually contains ID, credit cards, cash, etc., and is not the sort of thing you just drop into a bag that holds all your miscellaneous receipts. Pursuant to that, why was his wallet in a travel bag? Shouldn't it be on his person? The article doesn't say "a wallet," but, "Chris Coleman's wallet." this implies that his drivers' license or other identification was in it. Why would it be in a travel bag with a receipt for spray paint that dates back to last year?

Curiouser and curiouser.

Here is a PDF of the search warrant inventory. They had enough cameras, cell phones, computers and such to keep them busy for a lifetime. Guns, too. And why in the heck would the cops take the satellite dish?


  1. Thanks for the info, Ronni. Good job!

  2. He was going to try and kidnap himself. Perhaps he meant to go to the gym and clean up, then go back to the house and--well, he'd be seen.

    Maybe he meant to take the bag with him--with all his identification--and forgot it on the dining-room table.

    Oh, no. Oh no. He didn't forget the bag. He forgot the bag.

    Go to gym, take shower, think. Complete the mission.

  3. Wow! Let me think about that one a while...

    According to the search warrant inventory, there were two bags; a "travel bag" and a backpack. the backpack contained a wallet and the paint receipt, among other things. The travel bag contained specifically Chris's wallet, among other things.

    Experts say that every murderer makes a mistake. If this is, indeed, what Chris was planning, leaving the bag behind is a huge one, among many.

    His other mistakes are not such awful ones, compared with this. IOW, if he had remembered to take the bag, the others would not have been such an issue.

  4. Yes, but ain't it a great story! I love it!

    Christian father kidnapped, family murdered. Threats to stop working for JMM. Father himself under suspicion--oh, wrongly, so wrongly!

    Where could he be? Bound and gagged in a van, somewhere? Shot by the side of the road after refusing to deny Joyce and Jesus? On the run from the killers--and the police?

    Then, one night, a knock at the door of a quiet condo in Largo, Florida, where a woman with a sweet face and a sordid past waits . . .

  5. In a modest bedroom in Chesterfield, a woman bolts awake from a dream at dawn. "Yes, Lord! I'm up!"

    She sits up, face transformed, her eyes wide with awe and communion, hands lifted in vision. "Yea, Lord--I will! Thy will!"


    With an upright vitality that belied her 77 years, Miss Pernithia Chasebook settled her hat and boldly strode into the office of Grace Church. A bit nervous, perhaps, to minister to a denomination different from her own, whose ways and words might not be hers, but . . . "Lord, guide my lips," she whispered fervently.

    (flash forward 24 hours)

    Three congregations agree to set aside their differences and work to rescue Chris and Christianity.

    (Ronni, thanks for the latitude. It's too good to resist.)

  6. What would have happened then? they would have had to run somewhere, on some sort of money. Some hair dye and a shave, or beard dyed, too, might have changed his appearance sufficiently that he could have got away, if he acted fast. Florida is a good place to get a fake passport, but it's expensive.

    Damn! I have to go to work...

  7. Play, Driver, play...maybe somebody else will chime in...


  8. One bag with a wallet the "killer" planted to implicate Chris. "See, Mister Coleman, you'll never escape, and if you do--you'll be wanted for murder!"

    The other bag with his real identification, which was on him while he was leaving the house when they 1) kidnapped him, then 2) killed the family. The killers took it with them for some nefarious purpose of them own. Maybe a microchip on his JMM ID badge, with info on it allowing them to hack her computer system and send poison gas through her home-security system.

  9. It's just barely possible that CC had a convict in mind who might have had an obsession with JMM. He would use the time "underground, on the run" to set up his "search for a killer" who would end up being a culpable someone.

    It's a stretch. The convict put the backpack and wallet in there, implicating CC. CC is kidnapped.

    I think he was going to go the death route and create a new CC. Maybe Tara thought that was just, like, the most romantic thing of all, let's go be somewhere else and be somebody else. Maybe he always shaved his head with her. He's pretty anonymous with a shaved head, you'd have to admit. And how many Christopher Colemans are there in the world? Hardly have to change a name, even.

  10. Or maybe Tara Lintz equals Jody Foster equals Van Gogh's whore equals Salome.

  11. My daughter's SO has the shaved head and goatee. It is a popular look.

    I will have to reread the warrant material with this in mind, and don't have time, today.



    Christopher Coleman's signature isn't "Christopher Coleman" or even "C. E. Coleman." It's Christopher spelled out, and then EC for the rest.

    Christopher isn't a Coleman. Christopher is Christopher. And the way the letters are squeezed together and the whole thing holds tightly to itself.

  13. Christopher Coleman told his girlfriend in Florida that he would marry her in 2010, and that he had an alibi for the murders of his slain family, according to search warrants obtained by the Post-Dispatch.


    The documents further say that Coleman created a new email account after the murders, and used it to send the girlfriend a message.

    "He discussed the interview he had with the investigators concerning the death of his family. He told her, he did not commit the murders and had an alibi," an affidavit states.

  14. CG, what do you think of Driver's idea that he might have been trying to set up a faked abduction of himself?

    There are so many layers to this one that I get confused.

  15. I don't see how that fits in when he was the one calling LE and then coming home when the bodies were found. I haven't seen any information that they found alternative IDs for him either.

    I think he thought his plan would put LE on the wild goose chase to find the person threatening him, but LE seems to have seen through it immediately. He has built the case of premeditation for them.

  16. CG, there were two wallets; one in a back pack and one in a travel bag. the one in the travel bag had his ID, a couple of hundred dollars or so and credit cards. the other one had ID and credit cards. the theory postulated is that he forgot to take the travel bag, and had to go to plan B.

    I agree about the wild goose chase, but the call to LE could have been Plan B. Plan A is sort of like the woman who claimed to have been kidnapped. he could have high-tailed it for Florida, snagged the ho stess and bought a fake passport.

    Just tossing ideas...

    Don't know. I seem to have a commenter who thinks outside the box, and I like that.