Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bck Bck Bck Bck BcGwawk!

The guy brought back the chicken suit.

She said, "Yes."

They are probably planning to reproduce.

The world is doomed.


  1. I am laughing so hard right now. I can only imagine.

  2. You do realize I didn't make that up, right?

  3. Oh I know. I imagine that it was an inside joke between them. Maybe they met a chicken joint. Maybe she teased him about being a chicken for not popping the question.

    Its still funny.

  4. He told Ramona that his fiancee likes chickens.

    I worry.

    I've kept chickens. A more stupid or smelly creature is hard to imagine. Don't get me wrong: I like eggs, and I like chicken. Especially fried. but liking chickens themselves is very strange.

  5. Baby chicks are cute! Okay, I like chickens. Then again, I have never owned a chicken, and my opinion might well change if I did. I did get to cuddle the chicks we hatched at school a few years ago, though. I am a sap for baby critters. :)

  6. I am too. But, when they grow up and attack toddlers, I'm not so enamoured!