Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Latest on Coleman

It appears that the police found a glove, stained with red paint. This is the first we've heard that the paint was red. Not only that, but they found it along the road between the murder scene and the gym that Chris went to at 5:45 AM (in the morning) (sorry...just felt like being redundant).

No word has been released as to what kind of glove--leather, latex, etc. Almost immediately after the murders, the police were searching along that route. Until now, we were not told what for.

Click here for the story at the STLToday website.

Rumour has it that an aerosol paint can was also found, but the article doesn't mention that.

The walls are closing in on Chris the Dumbass.

On the message boards on this case, there seems to be a small cadre of paranoid (apparently) Christians who are in lock-up-your-wives-and-children mode, as this crime appears to them to be the result of an anti-Christian conspiracy. After all, as the former Security Chief for Joyce Meyers Ministries, Chris probably thwarted attacks on Joyce, and pissed off the wrong people, right?

Or maybe it was a "mob" hit--although Sheri's maiden name was Weiss, there are a lot of Italian names on her mother's side of the family...and we all know what THAT means, right?

People, people, people. Remember the KISS rule--Keep It Simple, Stupid! If you don't like that one, remember the quote, "The truth makes sense. If it doesn't make sense, it's not the truth." I forgot who said that, but give me a few hours and some more coffee...

Fact remains that Chris Coleman is the most likely suspect, no matter how you slice and dice it.

Y'all know me well enough to know that I always suspect the husband first, and that I am usually right. Not always...I've been wrong about several cases in the past, but I don't think I am this time.


  1. FWIW - that link of comments seems to be filled with CRAYZEE people lol.

    Nothing was confirmed by anyone yet.

    I am not saying he isnt the best suspect, the husband always is. BUT, I think a lot of commenters are making things up as they go.

    For example Columbiamom. She wanted to go out and wait outside the police station to see what the reporters get from the Chief?

    This is a weird town.

  2. A few things have been confirmed. On Nancy Grace tonight, they said that they were testing the glove for fingerprints, which led Nancy (or her experts) to the conclusion that the glove was latex.

    It has been confirmed that he left the house at 5:45 (or 5:43), and that he called police at 6:50. That's a very short workout.

    It has been confirmed that Joyce Meyers forced his resignation for violation of an employee contract.

    It has been confirmed that a window was left open at ground level. Pretty nice, from Joyce Meyers' security chief, whose family had been receiving (alleged) threats.

    It has been confirmed that he has not allowed Sheri's family any mementos of Sheri or the boys. Not her military medals, or any of the boys' sports trophies. Nothing.

    It has been confirmed that he delayed 48 hours in informing Sheri's family of the murders, leaving them just 24 hours to gather the family for the funeral, and that her family had to get a court order to hold the funeral Chris had originally agreed to.

    It has been confirmed that he had a romantic relationship with a high school friend of Sheri's.

    It has been stated by a neighbour (but not confirmed) that Chris dismantled the memorial left by concerned and grieving friends, and threw it in the trash.

    Believe me, Melissa, if the crime happened in my town, I'd be doing what Columbiamom is.

    If that makes me weird, so be it.

  3. Ok, I still have a hard time with the strangulation.

    I dont take ANYTHING Nancy DisGrace says for fact. I dont watch her, I cant stand her.

    And pretty much ALL the confirmations are coming from unnanamed sources because nobody is suppossed to be talking.

    And I have been watching. Nothing has been confirmed except he dismantled the memorial stuff in front of his house.

  4. Nancy Grace is annoying, but she won my loyalty during the Scott Peterson investigation and trial. She was the only talking head saying that he was guilty. During the trial, most of the THs said that the prosecution was weak, the investigation, bungled, and the case not provable BARD.

    Nancy is a bulldog; rude, brassy, obnoxious, but she is a voice for victims, and I like her for that.

    Re the strangulation: you are thinking like a normal person. The killer was not. The man has to be cold as ice.

    He went to Florida in November with JMM (unconfirmed). Sheri took her name off the deed to the house around that time. Whether or not she was talked into that by her loving husband, we do not know. He returned to Florida in February, also with JMM (unconfirmed).

    I can hardly wait to hear about his phone records and forensic computer searches.

  5. Melissa, what do you consider to be confirmation? A statement under oath? The police are not going to say anything specific, officially, until they are ready to declare him a suspect. These statements I've seen in news stories (local and national) and on TV have not been denied. We have not heard a peep from Margulis, and, if the statements were lies, he would be all over them, screaming about tainting the jury pool, etc., ad nauseum.

  6. MCS is supposed to be holding a news conference at 10:10. I hope CNN or some other national outlet covers, and not just KMOV. Maybe somebody on the message board will supply a link to the presser. I will report.

  7. http://www.kmov.com/video/?nvid=57410&live=yes&noad=yes

    This might work. Load it up in time for 10:10, and see what we get...

  8. ARRESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    New entry!

  9. You can see Chris Coleman mowing his yard from the air. Go to maps.live.com, search for Chris Coleman's address (2854 Robert Drive, columbia, IL), then click on 'Bird's Eye' view and zoom in. Then hit one of the 'Rotate' buttons. In two views, you'll see the family trampoline next to the house, and Chris Coleman in the back yard mowing. In the other two views, you'll see the trampoline out in the middle of the yard after Chris had finished mowing the yard. In one of these views, Chris is on the front driveway washing it down with a hose.