Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chris Coleman Arrested--And Beyond!


News conference was very brief. He has been arrested. No bond. He used ligatures to strangle his family. Long row to hoe and yada yada.

It's funny...I was so sure it was him, and yet...I guess, on some level, I wanted to be wrong. Who wants to think that a father could strangle his sons?

Once again, I wail: just what kind of society have we built when a man would rather kill his family than divorce and support them?

There are more and more of these cases, and each and every one of them makes me ill.


Edited May 21, 11:49 PM to add that a poster at StLToday has recently posted two unconfirmed rumours:

First, "The final piece of forensics that pushed the PA to indict was that willingness of Dr Michael Baden to testify that after reviewing the autopsy report Sheri could have been killed before 3am and NO LATER that 5am."


Second, "THE THREATING (sic) COMMUNICATION TO BC'S (CC's?) FAMILY ORIGINATED ON CC'S COMPUTER. The computer was seized from CC's house and this coffin nail is now a significant piece of evidence."

These two tidbits were posted by "gmhvvcolumbiannative" on pages 125 and 126 of the comments here. Take it for what it's worth--unsubstantiated rumour. Still, rumours on this board have been remarkably accurate in the past.


  1. Yep! Nailed the POS. Did you see the videos?

    Watching the presser now on KMOV.com

  2. I listened on a radio feed. One thing about mobile broadband--during high traffic hours, watching video can be problematic.

    I am glad he has been arrested, but I just get more and more depressed about these eraser cases!

  3. Have you seen the website http://violenceunsilenced.com/

    I'm going to try and figure out how to email you.

  4. If you click on my profile, there's an email link under the picture.

    Thanks for the link, NanC. I will read it later. I'm still trying to go to sleep!

  5. You can see Chris Coleman mowing his yard from the air. Go to maps.live.com, search for Chris Coleman's address (2854 Robert Drive, columbia, IL), then click on 'Bird's Eye' view and zoom in. Then hit one of the 'Rotate' buttons. In two views, you'll see the family trampoline next to the house, and Chris Coleman in the back yard mowing. In the other two views, you'll see the trampoline out in the middle of the yard after Chris had finished mowing the yard. In one of these views, Chris is on the front driveway washing it down with water.

  6. Well, I at least have SOMEWHAT of an answer. They were all stragled using ligatures. Probably from behind.

  7. I'm waiting for the tox reports to come back. If they weren't drugged first I know Sheri would have put up a good fight. She was an MP in the military. I do hope they didn't know what happened.

    I've had little sleep since this crime. For some reason it really hit me. Probably because I have two grandsons that are close in age to these precious little boys.

  8. It's a horrible, horrible thing. The only thing that makes me angrier is mothers killing their own children, although I have no logical reason for that. Still, I do wonder if our society has changed so that we actually have more men eliminating their families...or if we just aren't sweeping it under a rug anymore. I don't know. I just wish people would reach for help. *sigh*

  9. Men who kill their wives and/or families scorn "help." They can manipulate counselors very easily, if they find themselves forced into it, and think that anyone who goes to counseling or to a psychiatrist is a weakling.

    Much of the time, the wives don't know anything is wrong until lightning strikes, though there is sometimes physical or emotional abuse first. Michelle Young was seeing a counselor, beginning shortly before she was bludgeoned to death.

    The POS doesn't think he needs help. He thinks he needs to be rich and single.

  10. CG, rumour was that the bodies were found face down, though that has not been confirmed. In a way, I hope that is true, and they didn't have to see his face as he did such an awful thing.


  11. I knew he did it as soon as I read the story. I am from ST Louis and the rumors you are reading on the message boards are either true--or perhaps an attempt to get a change of venue. Not sure which.

    Guess we will know when the case is heard.

    Why do you think that Coleman changed his appearance after the funeral? Was he afraid he would be noticed when going out to dinner with his parents?

    And why didnt his parents contact his wife's family?

    There are too many of these cases, Ronni. And not one husband has gotten away with it--

  12. Au contraire, Susan. We actually have no way of knowing how many have got away with it.

    Of course, sometimes it's not the husband--it's the baby's father, in cases where the victim is pregnant. Think Amanda Jones.

    Twila Wiley, right in your area. Husband acquitted. Janet Abaroa, no charges so far. Michelle Young, no charges so far.

    And, we really have no way of knowing how many wives just "disappear," with fine, upstanding husbands who are never even suspected.

    As far as the haircut...maybe he thought there might be paint in his hair (it's hard to wash that stuff out). Or maybe it was the first step in his reinvention of self.

    I'm following the case in the comments section of StLToday.

    I am at a loss to explain the actions of his "good, Christian" parents in re his inlaws. Guilt comes to mind. Or rather, consciousness of their son's guilt. I'd give my eye teeth to know if Ronald preached yesterday, and, if so, if his sermon had anything to do with the situation. His mother, I heard, is in treatment for cancer, so I could totally forgive her for not doing a damn thing, but the preacher dad is a whole nother story.

  13. AHA--never thought that there may be red paint in Coleman's hair. . you are brilliant.

    I must cede to your explanation that many people may be getting away with killing their spouses or pregnant girlfriends.

    Guess I was more swayed by the high profile cases of late. You would think with the strong coverage of the recent cases, that men would stop thinking they can get away with it.

    Since I have a home office--I keep TruTV on during the day for noise. Too many of these cases--