Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have They Found Stacy?

A FOX News article states that "a barge crew discovered female human remains" alongside the Des Plaines River yesterday. Mostly bones, not intact, but wearing feminine underwear. It will take DNA testing to identify. The article speculates it could be Stacy Peterson, or Lisa Stebic.

Of course, it could be any one of probably hundreds if missing girls and women.

An ABC story about the discovery says
But the fact that the decomposing body was found less than a mile from a blue barrel could be significant, as Peterson's stepbrother told "Good Morning America" in March that he helped Peterson move a heavy blue barrel from the Petersons' home into their SUV shortly after Stacy Peterson disappeared.
No other story mentions that detail.

My hope is that the remains can be identified, and the family of some missing person gains some relief from the pain of not knowing what has happened to their loved one.

I'll be back with the ID news when it's published.


  1. I will be surprised if its not her. Thomas Morphy testified before the Grand Jury this week and a body is found this week. That is quite a cooincidence.

    Apparently the police have been keeping Morphy in hiding for quite a while while they were building a case.

    Also rumored that the Grand Jury had the Stebic case before them too.

  2. They probably needed to protect Tom from Drew! No matter how much Drew tries to muddy the waters with Tom's "issues," he has important information.

    I SO want to see that arrogant prick go down!

  3. I suffer from depression. That would never keep me from telling something like that.

    Depression does not mean you dont know reality. In fact I think that Thomas tried to redeem himself.

    Funny how Drew discretis people who go against his views. Everyone is crazy but him.

    Last time I checked depression does not equal crazy.

  4. In fact to add.

    I think high as hell happy and arrogant is WAY more crazy than depression when you have a dead wife and one who supposedly left for another guy. Who also told people she was afraid.

  5. HI Ronni:

    Heard some forensic psychologist on TV talking about this case. He said that there is no DSM-IV TR term for Drew Peterson. He said that Peterson may have a psychiatric problem that has never been seen before.

    That only makes the guy weirder--and he was in that house with those little children. UGH!

  6. In my limited experience, I've never seen anything like him. I just thought he takes narcissism to a whole new level. He is a textbook eraser killer, according to the "dark triad" described by Marilee Strong in her book, "Erased."


    He does like to think of himself as unique, and knows that, no matter what, he will be remembered far beyond his current life.