Sunday, May 17, 2009

White Trash Party

Last night was my friends' annual homage to political incorrectness--the infamous White Trash Party. People dress up as outrageously as their imagination will allow, bring cheap beer and foods involving canned cheese and little sausages, and proceed to have fun.

I, of course, wore white trash bags and duct tape.

This year's party was highlighted by a belching contest, some improv, and a streaker.

A good time was had by all...


  1. lol - that pooch is looking at you like he? she? cannot believe you are actually laughing while wearing that outfit.
    Great to see you having a good time.

    Jo Ann

  2. Ha Ha! I wish I had been there! I might have worn a tube top and had a fake tattoo of flowers and leaves across my lower back. It looks like it was a whole lot of fun. :)

  3. What, no gold lame' capri pants?

  4. Totally beautiful costume. White trash bags, white tulle, you can't hardly tell the difference!