Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sandra--Never Forgotten

Sandra Cantu was found yesterday, killed, stuffed in a garment bag and thrown in an irrigation pond.

I had so hoped this case would be different. I had so hoped this child would be found alive.

There is, as yet, no indication of how she was killed. I'm sure that information will be released later today, after the autopsy. She was identified by her clothing, indicating that she was dressed.

Perverts who kill their victims usually do not put clothes back on the dead child. I realize that I am making a "sweeping generalization," here, and there may be a whole genre of perverts who enjoy dressing the victims like dolls...or maybe not undressing them in the first place.

I hope psychologists and profilers are exploring the hows and whys of these sick individuals to find out why they do what they do, and why there seems to be more of them nowadays, and what we, as a society, are doing that causes these...individuals...to commit such heinous acts. It is so easy to blame music, or games, or gangs, or bullying, and maybe those things play a large part, but I'm just old-fashioned enough to think that conscience is a home-grown commodity. I would very much like to see data on the early home lives of perverts and other psychopaths, to see what constitutes a common thread, and to see how many others have the same common thread (such as abuse), and grow up to be normal, caring people.

Of course, the fact that Sandra was clothed could indicate that I am way off track here. Her father did high-tail it to Mexico while searchers were combing the ground for her. Here is video of her dad. I'm inclined to think he had nothing to do with this.

The killer of Sandra Cantu needs to fry.


  1. John Couey dressed Jessica Lundsford when he was done with her.

    I hate when these cases end up like this too. It happens all too often.

  2. It's so awful to wait and wait, hoping for the best and then hear they found her in a garment bag.

    Whoever did this to her should be torn apart by rabid dogs. NO MERCY.

  3. A Sunday school teacher has been charged in the death of Sandra.


  4. Thanks for the update, Nadine...

    How awful! I just cannot fathom a woman doing this. I mean, Karla Homolka was the only one I remember that killed somebody else's child...I am just sick!