Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Food Chain

I've been asked about the Round Rock bats. I saw a swarm in my way home, and circled around, hoping to get to a good stopping place before it was all over.

That bird is a hawk, and it was lying in wait for the bats to come out. I saw it catch at least four in the maybe twenty minutes I was out there.

Wave upon wave of bats, flying out from under the bridge, a swarm like this maybe every ten or fifteen seconds. I stayed and watched for, as I said, about twenty minutes, and the exodus was in full swing when I got there, and barely started tapering off before I left. The sheer number of the bats is mind-boggling.

Here are some just emerging.


  1. I've got bat memories too. As they fly further into the dusky sky the swarms of them look like smoke blowing away from a distant fire. Once I even saw them at dawn coming home to roost after their "night on the town".

  2. WOW great pictures! that sure is a lot of bats.