Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Signs of Civilization

My friend, who maintains that two signs of civilization are libraries and four-way stop signs, sent me this.

If you want to participate in the paranoia about illegal voters, skip this post, but if you think we have quite enough required identification, sign the petition.

Hi Ronni, Put this on your blog if you are so inclined. Wish I had sent it sooner. The other sign of a great civilization? Free and transparent elections. Our troops are dying by the thousands to supposedly bring Democracy over there, and these Politicians are KILLING Democracy over here with this stupid voter ID bill! I have worked as a poll worker for more than 20 years in Travis and Williamson counties and never had a speck of trouble with anyone trying to vote illegally. This will hurt the poor , the elderly and the Democrats who are often both poor and elderly, and keep the Repugs in power so they can keep us under their thumb.

Dear Friend,

I just signed this petition to voice my opposition to Republican Voter ID legislation.

With your help, we can make real change. Please join me by signing
this petition:

Voting Rights Petition



  1. I don't see what the problem is. You need to show a photo ID to use your credit card, receive medical care through your HMO, or cash a check. I'd rather be asked to show my photo ID than not.

  2. There are still people who don't drive, don't use cheques, and don't have HMOs. Yet they still have the right to vote. IMO, it is prejudicial to those folks to require that they purchase a government identification card in order to exercise that right. It amounts to a poll tax, which was outlawed a long time ago.

  3. Except that the bill does not actually require a government ID card. One photo ID or two non-photo IDs, such as a library card and a utility bill. There are so many things on the list that can be used as ID that do not cost a dime, so the assertion that it amounts to a poll tax is simply wrong.

  4. You are required to provide ID when you register to vote, there is a long list of acceptable forms of ID. The registered voter card they send you IS your ID, and no further ID should be required.

  5. You know. You really dont need photo id. Its true. A utility bill, Rent statement will work. After the initial registration (I did mine with a photo copy of my license over the internet. They dont even send a card in NJ. They match your signature to what is on your registration is all.

    Our voting booths are pretty high tech too.