Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday is Hamburger Day

I really am starting down the path toward being one of those old ladies about whom we read grey little short stories in high school.

As I left work last night I was thinking of supper, until I passed the Sonic Drive In. Then I remembered: Woo-hoo! It's Tuesday! Half price burgers!

Tuesday is Old People Day at several local businesses--stores that offer discounts to elders who shop on that day. Elders' residences offer bus trips to Walmart or Walgreen's on Tuesdays.

Still, I try very hard not to spend more than five dollars a day on fast food, and that about covers a breakfast burrito and a soft drink. With the half price burgers, I can get a whole combo for under my limit. Not that I need to be eating French fries, anyway, but still...

So. Eventually I shall get to know which places have perks on which days of the week...which day is best to visit the day-old bakery outlet, and when the big sale is at Bealls. I have already scoped out some places to get cheap stuff (and, yes, I did try the "dollar store" toothbrushes. I wound up with a mouthful of bristles)--Tuesday Morning, Khols (where there is also a "senior's day"), the Boy Scouts' Pancake Breakfast.

When I start to keep my face in a jar by the door, just shoot me, OK?


  1. Oh! A woman after my own heart!!! For one thing, Sonic is one of my favorite places. Does yours have the two-for-one drinks between 2 and 4 PM?

    I'm always a sucker for a good bargain. If you haven't done so already, check out NBC (Name Brand Clothing.) Great place any day of the week.

  2. I must be following in your footsteps somehow.

    We celebrate Jelly doughnut Thursday every week at the Dunkin Donut. No discounts, but a jelly doughnut nonetheless.

    Your note is hysterical.

  3. Yes, we have the half-price drinks. An integral part of my fast food budget.


    I've been avoiding the subject of doughnuts, because, right here, in beautiful downtown Round Rock, we have doughnuts that have been acknowledged and celebrated on TV--Travel Channel, and one other that I can't remember.

    I guess I shall have to break down next weekend and get some.

  4. Ronni,

    Never mind your face in a jar, where do you keep your teeth?

    When they are in the jar, that's when you want to be shot.....

    Keep buying the Dollar store toothbrushes;you'll find out!

  5. I am one of those old people you wrote about, HOWEVER, I will NOT go to any store that has Senior Discount Days--or at least I won't go on THAT day. I dislike how old people walk so slow--getting in the door of a store and then stopping to look around while the rest of us practically fall over them! And those little old ladies who are in the
    "10 and under" lane at the grocery store and have to count of the money for their purchases penny-by-penny? EGAD!!! Just swipe your damn debit card!!

    I may be old but I will never GET old.

  6. I really really really want to try Sonic. They tease me with their commercials. And there is not ONE in the area. The closest one is like 60 miles away.

    Is it THAT good?

  7. Older people stop inside doors, especially when coming in from outside, in order to orient themselves spatially. Old eyes do not adjust so fast, and many elders suffer from diminished eyesight. And, maybe the lady counts out her pennies at the cash register because she has to be careful to get through the month. She might even be old enough to have difficulty adapting to our world of plastic money, and need to see it and touch it in paper and metal.

    It's OK, day you will be one of those elder ladies, and I hope people are patient with you.

    Those old ladies could have been war veterans, or the pilots that delivered war planed from one side of the country to the other. My late MIL, who also stopped whenever she entered a room, and moved slowly, would have been in the 1940 Olympics, if they had been held.

    Please excuse my having a very limited sense of humour on this subject. I love my MIL as if she had been my own mother, and I did my best to look after her.

  8. Oh, and Melissa? Sonic is probably not the very best burger you will ever eat, but they are decent and cheap. They have great smoothies, green tea, limeade, cheddar peppers and other things.

  9. Thanks Ronni! I wont go out of my way. I have great burger places here. But will stop if I am in an area.

    As for the senior thing. I always hold out an arm. I dont get frustrated either, probably because I know I DO have a debit card.

    I am all into senior days at Kohls because I can shop with my Mom and get a great discount and just pay her back for my bill. (is that wrong?) Thinking no because she loves to shop with me.

    I dont think that Jude meant to be insensitive however. But I agree being impatient with older people is wrong. Because if you are lucky enough, you will be there too.

    I will admit to rounding someone who isnt in a hurry (meaning getting past them, not cutting in line). But I think that living with my grandmother who needed help makes me more sypathetic as well. I admit getting mad at people who almost shoved her over. And that really has nothing to do with senior discounts since my family was taking care of her at the time and she was the only senior.

  10. LOL YOUR TOO FUNNY! guess I have something to look forward to huh?
    as to the dollar store toothbrushes,they are all I buy here,and I found the ones here are just as good as the ones in our grocery stores, so I am surprised at what you wrote..guess it depends on the store.