Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No TV Guide!

OK, I got spoiled. With digital cable comes that nice TV guide. The one that you can just punch whatever channel into, and it will tell you what's on. I thought long and hard, when it came time to downsize the cable, about whether I could survive without that guide. I finally convinced myself that, as I would have far fewer channels, I could get by with the old "Channel 7" guide...the one you have to wait for while it scrolls around to the channel you want...the one that invariably is sitting on Channel 10, if it's Channel 9 you're checking. Yeah. That one.

So, after a while, I noticed that the guide channel wasn't there as I advanced through the channels. I had to actually press "7" and "select" to get there.

Last week, I pressed "7" and got a message that Time Warner was no longer supplying that guide. I guess they had planned to cancel it when the digital-TV-only thing started. I guess they didn't get the memo that the change has been postponed until June.

So, the upshot is that I have no idea what channel, date or time that show about lying comes on. I thought it was FOX. I thought it was Wednesday. I thought it was 7:00 PM. Last week, I thought it was 8:00 PM. Before that, I thought it was Friday. I've only seen one episode. I know I can watch online, but I rarely think about watching it that way. I get all hung up with windows open to four or more crime message boards, following several different cases, and, all of a sudden, it's Midnight, and I've got to go to bed.

I can watch TV and keep up with the boards at the same time. That's as far as I trust myself with multi-tasking.


  1. GAH! Last week I upgraded to IE8 and now my Google is all UK.

    I cant fix it. And considering I dont LIVE in the UK it totally sucks.

  2. I use Firefox most of the time. I can't make any sense out of online TV guides. Or printed ones, for that matter. Too many channels.

  3. Hey, Ronni. Just popped in to say hi on my break.

    As usual you are writing about a topic that affects us all...TV Guides. Argh!

  4. "Lie to Me" Wednesday nights at 8:00pm central on FOX

  5. Thanks, Nessa!

    Is that the local FOX? Channel 2? And, if so, why wasn't it on last night? They said it was going to be two hours of AI!

    Just shoot me!

  6. I love the on screen guide that came with our digital converter.

    As far as watching tv online, I ALWAYS watch each episode Lost at least twice online after it airs on TV. Then I watch the "enhanced" version again the following week before the newest episode. Yes, I'm a freak. I watch Medium online too, but usually because I miss it, as it comes on at 10 PM.