Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cooking for One

I still don't have it down!

Last night, I had a hankering for stir fry.

So, I cut up a pork chop (cooked), and threw it in a frying pan with

too much broccoli
too much celery
too much mushroom
too much onion
and just the right amount of bean sprouts.

I served the whole on too much brown rice.

Note to self: when you eat like a teenager, you put on weight.


  1. At least all of your too much stuff was good for you!

    That isnt teenager food at all!

  2. There's always that big box thingy called a freezer...

  3. Freezer?

    Oh, right. That thing on top of the fridge...with the waffles in. Gotcha!

    'Cos, you couldn't be talking about the big one out in the garage...the one I have to remove the armadillo barricade to get to...

  4. Hi Ronni, haven't been around cause I did a couple days in the hospital...I'll live, nothing too serious this time lol anyway thank you for the comment on the pictures.
    And teenager food? I never saw one yet would eat brown rice,sounds like your eating very healthy! personally I can't stand brown rice but the stir fry sounded right up my alley!
    But I do know what you mean, it's hard to cook for one,without the guys I probably wouldn't bother cooking!
    and I have to ask...armadillo barricade? lol

  5. The Armadillo War was a three-night battle to evict one of said beasts that had decided that cat food and fresh water were worth sharing with cats. I have an unsecurable cat door into the garage, so if one of them manages to get in the garage, the door from there into the house is blocked.

    It's complicated. I won.

  6. Oh gosh, Ronni! For a minute I misunderstood that post about the armadillo barricade and the big freezer. I thought the battle had gone big-time and you had him IN the freezer!

    Give's new meaning to the question, "What would you do for a KLONDIKE BAR?!"

  7. Anyway, that reminded me of what I found in my MIL's chest freezer many years ago. While visiting, she asked me to get something out of her freezer. I went out to the garage, lifted the lid and saw a big coffee can. Being the nosey thing that I am, I opened it, expecting to find cookies or something. Inside was a frozen PORCUPINE staring at me. Talk about being startled! Of course I made a heck of a racket when I shrieked and dropped the thing. Then I heard my MIL's calm, long suffering voice in the kitchen, "Oh Christ, she found the porcupine."

    Her late husband had been a taxidermist, and apparently he still had some future "projects" in the works. In fact, my husband and I inherited many of his completed projects including, but not limited to a 3 foot long iguana.

    Ahh, good times.