Sunday, January 04, 2009

What I Don't Need

I don't need these extended commercials about saving the polar bears.

I don't need the ones about rescuing abandoned dogs and cats, either, while "Silent Night" plays in the background.

I don't have sixteen dollars a month to give to either organization, and I don't think it's fair to be telling me that they're all going to die if I don't contribute.

Damn it! I've taken in every kitten I could, and a few dogs, over the years, too. I made a couple of donations to the No Kill shelter, when I had the money to give.

It's just not fair!


  1. I hate those commercials..they make you feel so bad don't they?

  2. ...not to mention the ones with the starving children that for $26 dollars a month you can give your own sponsored child an education, food and medicine.

    Like you, I donate to so many places already, so I feel your pain.

  3. Another chorus I cam join! I hate 'em too! Not only that, but cancer will be cured, Santa will come to the third world five times a year, and Juvenile Diabetes will no longer be a scourge if all of us 'little fish' would spend our coffee money on the right causess. No mention is made of the 'bigger fish' who could accomplish many of the same ends with lirrle more than their coffee money- not to mention not causing so much of the misery in the first place, with their marketing tactics!

  4. Unfortunately, I don't believe our $ find their way into the right hands. I've heard too many horror stories.

    Anyhow, may I wish you seasons greetings, Ronni.

  5. Back atcha, Mgt! Hope your Christmas and New Years were fun.

    I was at Kaye's for new years, and her son, who is tall and dark, showed up at the door right after Midnight, bearing bread, salt and a coin.

    Kaye says a lot of our troubles in this country may just stem from our total ignorance of this very important custom.

    I think she could be right.

  6. I'm totally ignorant of customs other than firstfooting.

    How wonderful that some people still practice them. Makes you wonder....

  7. Well Ronni, it sounds like you need to adopt a polar bear! ;)

    I also don't like those commercials, and I wonder where ALL the money goes. Most of my family's donations go to one of the local foodbanks. That's just where we prefer to give.

    Thank you for yet another cathartic post! :)

  8. On the new moon, we at Caer Sidi/Pleiades pray that we may forgive, and be forgiven- so, I will make the effort today not to throw my dinner tray at my TV! At least, they won't be playing 'Silent Night' today!
    Happy new Moon from another Old Witch!