Sunday, January 04, 2009

Where's the Coffee?

My eyes are stuck shut. My ears are greasy. There's a copper taste in the back of my throat. After three hours of sleep, I am seriously disoriented.

I believe I am feeling the effects of staying up all night.

Of course, there was coffee last night. I came home from the 80s party at a reasonable hour, fully intending to take a nap, but that didn't happen. Coffee did.

Set out around 4:00 AM to take Brendan to the airport for his 6:00 AM flight, starting his trip back to Iowa.

It was a little foggy when we left. It's OK, I thought. It will be clear in Austin, I thought.

The fog got thicker and thicker. Pea soup doesn't even come close to describing what was lying on the ground like a wet rag as we approached the airport.

We got there. He got his boarding pass. I watched him through security, and thought about staying at the airport a while to see if the fog would go away.

Still, the risk of falling asleep there, while waiting for that to happen proved something of a deterrent, and I headed out to face the fog.

I drove home without incident, and still couldn't sleep. The sun was up before I could lay myself down. Espresso at 3:00 AM is not conducive to sleep-on-demand.

That, and the house is very, very quiet.


  1. I like espresso at 4 am especially if there is fog, I mean FOAM.

  2. Eww!! No coffee seriously sucks bad...I hope everything else went fine for you though...BJ...where is he in Iowa...I am really close to DAVENPORT, IOWA CITY, AND CEDAR RAPIDS...and why college so far away??? What is he majoring in???

  3. He no longer uses the initials, for obvious reasons.

    (Wish I'd thought of that when picking names, LOL!)

    He is at Cornell in Mt Vernon. He chose it because it is small, about half the size of Round Rock High School, and they teach one class at a time. He is enjoying it.

  4. #2 son left today (11 hours on a bus) for his 2nd last semester of his 6th year of university studies.

    What is B studying? MJ has a BSc - major in chemistry and minor in nutrition - and is now taking an advanced diploma in food safety. The job market looks good and I hope the salary scales are commensurate with so many years of study. He did some summer placements with the Federal Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans so, hopefully, has a foot in the door there. At the very least, the benefits are great.

    I still feel lonesome when the time comes for him to leave but very proud that he is pursuing his dreams and making his own way in the world.

    As for coffee - can't live with it and can't live without it. I compromised and now drink "half-caff" as the day progresses.

    Sounds like your drive in may have been more adrenalizing than any caffiene!

  5. Brendan is working on core classes right now. He started out thinking he might go into radio broadcasting, wanting to be a sports announcer, but now he's talking about getting a Master's in Sports Business. I think he could change his mind several times over the next few years, but have every confidence he will find something he likes.