Monday, January 05, 2009

The Leaf Magnet

Tripper is a leaf magnet. Most of my cats are long-haired, to some degree. However, Tripper seems to be in a class of his own. While the other fuzzies are glossy, and leaves and other debris tend to slide off, Tripper's fur is just fluff, and leaves stick to him like glue.

There are several trees in my front yard, some of them, live oaks. For those not familiar with them, live oak trees have shiny oval leaves that drop profusely year round. They are called "live oaks" because they are still green in winter, due to the fact that they lose some leaves almost continuously, rather than dumping the lot in the Fall.

So, my front yard is full of live oak leaves. Tripper's mission (and he DOES choose to accept it) is to transport as many as possible into the house, perhaps with a view to making the same sort of nest he has made in several places in the front yard.

Tripper is good at what he does. He is huge and very fluffy, and can bring in several dozen leaves every time he comes through the door.

Back when I could use the cat door (before the Armadillo Wars), many of the leaves would rub off in the hallway behind the garage. Now that he comes and goes through the front door, the front hall is almost as leafy as the porch.

I may be the first person in Round Rock to do her Spring cleaning with a leaf blower!


  1. RONNI!

    My bed exploded (not kidding, feather top on top of mattress) and I think it will be a year at least until I get all the feathers up. I have a sleigh bed which means I cant get under there, but my 35 pound cat can somehow. And brings out the feathers.

    The vacuum (now I have 2 since I bought a hard floor one) just makes them FLY.

  2. BTW, I tried to vacuum my cat yesterday. Retarded moment brought on by a couple of drinks after THREE hours of vacuuming.

    I have the scratches to prove it. I finally found this most nice cats breaking point. Hr is ALWAYS mellow. Vacuuming him (or trying to) was a no go. I have scratches EVERYWHERE! Plus his hiding place is under the bed where ALL the feathers that I cant get stuck to him.

  3. That's too cute!
    ans I must ask..the armadillo wars?
    i must have missed that!

  4. Cats normally don't take kindly to vacuuming. Mine don't, and it sounds as if yours doesn't, either. What were you thinking? I know what you mean about the exploding feathers, though. I once decided to fluff up some feather pillows by putting them in the dryer. When I opened the door, it looked like a blizzard!

    You were here for my three-day battle with the armadillo, weren't you, Terri? It started right after Halloween, if you missed it.

  5. I may be the first person in Round Rock to do her Spring cleaning with a leaf blower!

    Our fuzzy haired Jack Russel fits this description exactly, as does our living room!!! We are tempted to change his name to Matt.

    Don & Betty

  6. Hi, Don & Betty! What have y'all been up to?

    I miss you, and can now offer you an actual bedroom, if you come while Brendan is gone. Which should be till Summer...hint...hint.