Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pharmacy Rant

I like Sudafed. Well, generic...but you know what I mean. That good old-fashioned pseudo-efedrine is da bomb when it comes to drying up the drip, the post-nasal drip, the ante-nasal drip, and all the other things that cause fluid to run out of my nose and into my sinuses, ears, throat, and anywhere else it can get. It's the only thing that works without knocking my lights out.

I'm a pretty respectable-looking character. Older lady, a bit pudgy, pushing sixty, shuffling around in my Crocs and baggy jeans.

I am FED UP with having to stand in line and show my ID and sign a book to get my Sudafed! Not only that, but they will only let me have one package of it at a time, so I have to go at least twice during any given cold.

Have you SEEN the people in that line? The lady in front of me had a baby who was obviously feverish, and a toddler with green snot DRIPPING off his chin. DRIPPING! And the child was wiping at it and smearing it all over EVERYWHERE! Toxic kids. Lovely! In front of her was an elderly gentleman who was coughing into a handkerchief. Yes, Virginia, there are still men around who use handkerchiefs. If only this one hadn't put his ON THE COUNTER while he signed the book, I'd have been much more in sympathy. The lady behind me was ten years older than dirt, and looked as if she should have been home in bed. She was shaking with every cough.

There was NO WAY I was going to touch that germy pen. Good thing I carry one of my own.

And WHY do we have to go through this? Because the GUBMINT, in all its (snort) WISDOM, decided that the best way to shut down the production of methamphetamines is to restrict the purchase of pseudoefedrine, one of the main ingredients. ARE there fewer meth labs around than there were before they started this ridiculous process?

Never mind that the jerk who cooks the stuff up in his kitchen will be out on parole six months after his lab gets shut down!

Could they not find some way to punish the people actually manufacturing the dread meth, like...oh, I don't know...KEEPING THEM IN PRISON...? It seems to me that doing that would be a lot more fair than TORTURING people who are already suffering the slings and arrows of winter colds and cedar fever!

I am FED UP with this crap! If there was anything else on the market that would help my cold, I would never buy the stuff again!


  1. Our province has similar rules on gravol (anti-nausea) and ASA/Acetaminiphin with 8 mg of codiene.

    Yet they are still called OTC!

    Go figure!

    When my friend was visiting from Nova Scotia, she was astounded. Said it was less hassle to get a Certificate of Conduct from the RCMP. She went back to buy more on day 13 and was refused -- doesn't help to go to another pharmacy as they are computer linked.

  2. Ronni, I feel your pain.

    Pseudoephedrine is the only thing that helps me too, and I hate standing in line for it. However, on the other side of the coin the meth problem was getting really bad here in Oklahoma until they enacted the regulation.

    I remember the time I couldn't work because the elementary school was closed and evacuated. There was a working meth lab busted at a house right across the street from the school!

    I do agree that added prison time is warranted. I wish people would care about those they hurt with illegal drugs, but they don't. How can we make people care about others? That is the twenty-million-dollar question.


  3. As the former Inspector Coordinator for the Health Inspectors who regulate the pharmacies that sell the blessed Pseudo-efedrine, I know all the ins and outs of the whole messy Texas the pharmacies are NOT computer linked so a Meth Head can go from one Walgreens to the next, sign his life away at each stop and then head over the the chain of CVS pharmaices the next's really a useless endeavor on the Government's part to look as if they're making an effort...but don't tell the Health Dept that I let out the dirty little secret...the pharmacies aren't even fined or punished if found in violation of the state law...why you ask? Well dear friends...the Inspections/enforcement units are lazy...plain and simple.

  4. Figures. It's just another thing that is done to harass honest people who are trying to go about their business.

  5. Ronni:

    Did you ever think that maybe you look a little fishy??? :)

  6. Susan, of course not! Me? Fishy?

    I don't THINK so!

    Fact is, it doesn't matter how you look. EVERYBODY has to sign in for their pseudo-efedrine.

  7. That's weird,I have never signed for it here! I know I can't buy more then one or two,but I can walk right in and get it off the shelf here. I feel so bad for you that sucks!

  8. Iy certainly does suck! The lady with the kids says hi, BTW, and sad to say, she looks to be preggers again! Let's just hope she's not gonna spawn 8!
    I swear,these are the same people I saw. They are certainly all from central casting,except the obvious tweaker who kept pretending to cough- he was local. They must go out of the store and hop onto a bus!I want a job like that!