Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mount Bonnell

Here is one of the views from Austin's Mount Bonnell. They make you work for it, though...

You have to climb 98 stone steps to get there.


  1. Hey lady! Those are gorgeous pictures! You've got a great eye!
    I dont' know if Lynn forwarded this link on to you, but here is the link to the show shots my coworker took Saturday night:

  2. Ronni, I love your shot of those steps. You're becoming quite the photographer!

  3. Beautiful photos. The stairway makes me think of Kinkaid's Stairway to Paradise.

  4. Good pics, CiCi! Thanks!

    I may make an entry of his photos, with a link, of course.

    And you guys are way too kind about my photos. The fact of the matter is that a digital camera makes it easy!

  5. It is a lovely photo!

    Have you ever tried going up by the longer trail walk around the side, Ronni? It's slower and not as dramatic as the steps, but you get a great view of the river and that edge-of-the-water lifestyle.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. Ronni:

    GREAT pictures--you really have the eye for framing the picture. Love the effect of light!!

    Would love to see pictures of the famous Austin bats--any chance?

  7. Annie, welcome!

    Yes, I have gone around the side. If I ever find that little packet of my favourite pictures, you will see on of me standing on one of the tables up there in 1977, shortly before I had Chandra. We lived in Austin at that time, and used to clamber around there often.

  8. Susan, would you settle for the semi-famous Round Rock bats? They are the same kind and do the same thing, but they do it less than a mile from my house.

    Come Spring, I shall endeavour...

  9. Absolutely--and I look forward to the pictures of the bats.

    I thought it was always spring in Austin. I say that as I watch it DUMP snow here in Jersey and NYC.

    UGH!! I already shoveled 4 inches off the driveway--and I cannot tell where the driveway is now!!