Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies!

As if Christmas wasn't assault enough on my diet, now there are Girl Scout Cookies! I got got at the Wag-a-Bag, and, again, at Walmart. They are $3.50 a box this year!

I suppose I sound like a cantankerous crone when I say, I remember them at $2.00 a box.

And, you know what? They don't have that cool deal any more whereby if a girl sells x number of cookies, she gets to go to camp at a vastly reduced cost.

Do you know that the troop only gets thirty cents a box? I guess the manufacturer gets most of it, and Girl Scout Headquarters, the rest.

Oh...and to the people in the house on the corner: putting out a huge sign saying "GIRL SCOUT COOKIES SOLD HERE" is not going to work on me. Girl Scouts has become much too much of a "feel-good" organization as it is. Get your lazy butt and your daughter's lazy butt out of the sack and out in front of Walmart or somewhere, and SELL those things!


  1. My, my but how things have changed.

    I remember when I was a GG. We had a "season" for seling cookies. It was around late April and early May. I think 2 weekends.

    It was usually 2 GG's and one Brownie and we went door-to-door selling our cookies at 50 cents a box. (chocolate *or* vanilla)

    One year, we went to a coastal community where my grandfather lived. It was early May because I remember it being his birthday.


    Back in the day, we wore the one piece uniforms and even with our leotards, we frooze our wee butts off! We weren't even allowed to wear ear muffs as they weren't part of the uniform. After running to chase my tam a few times, I was happy that my aunt had a few spare bobby-pins although I think that, given time, it would have frozen in place pretty quickly.

    No coddling in dem daze.

  2. Now, they are not allowed to go door to door. Too dangerous. so they, with permission, set up tables in front of shopping places, like malls, convenience stores, and Walmarts. They have to have a parent with them, and most of the poor little things can't even do simple arithmetic. The ones I dealt with today were flummoxed by the extra fifty cents. Last year, they were only $3.

    I am concerned about the camp thing. I think it was very good for my girls to go to camp, and there is no way, as a single mom, I could have sent them without the cookie help.

  3. What ever happened to the wagon loaded down with box after box and going door to door? That was how it was done during my tenur as a GG before I was...excommunicated from the troupe.
    My little sister was until this year a GG and she never once went door to door...pathetic...

  4. Have you noticed that not only has the price gone up, but the quantity has gotten less? There are fewer cookies in a box than before. Yet I'm still suckered in by the delicious goodness. Yummy!

  5. Yeah. They changed the packaging and thought we wouldn't notice!

  6. Kontiki, we have a "season." It's February, more or less. They seem to start earlier every year, though.

  7. Ronni:
    I absolutely LOVED selling Girl Scout cookies--and had mu favorite neighbors who always bought a kazillion boxes.

    When I was an adult-I was the one in the neighborhood who bought a kazillion boxes--but they had to come to my house and spend some time telling me what was going on at school since I only had a male point of view from my two sons.

    It was fun. And I ate my share of chocolate mints. No one even comes around here--they could clearly get a kazillion box order from me--but reading your note--I see that they dont do door-to-door anymore.

    RATS-I am going to get thin like the mints at this rate.