Friday, January 09, 2009

Casey Anthony Plays Marley's Ghost

Like the ghost of Jacob Marley in "A Christmas Carol," the sound of the chain that Casey Anthony has wrought preceded her into the courtroom today.

Clank, clatter, clank; the video camera zoomed in on the doorknob. It turned, and Casey and her keeper entered the room.

Her barely competent lawyer had filed a waiver of her right to be present, but it was apparently filed too late. The Prosecutor wanted her there, and the judge agreed. Baez rousted the skank out of her cell and, without taking time to brush her hair, she shackled up and hustled into court.

She stated her name, said "yes" a few times, and Bob's yer uncle--she's back to solitary.

Still feigning innocence, but doing it so very badly.

Imagine how you would feel if people were talking about your child's bones, and what should and should not happen to pictures and Xrays of them. Would you not be upset? Could you sit there, stone-faced, while such things were discussed?

Neither could I.

So, if Casey were to be innocent (right), how do you explain this behaviour? And don't start in with "there's no playbook for grief," and "everyone grieves differently." We've all heard Geragos try that one for Scott Peterson. didn't fly there, either. The truth is that we do, indeed, all grieve differently, but the fact remains that it is human to grieve in some way. This business of sitting there, all pissed because this court appearance has interfered with her busy schedule (there, in solitary) is not going to do her any good in the long run.

If she had half the heart God gave a doorknob, she would come clean, 'fess up and put an end to this appalling circus.

The more she claims innocence, the greater the chain she will bear in the next life. It grows like Pinocchio's nose.


  1. This girl's soul is dead. To think her parents may have known where that precious little baby's body was lying for at least a month, is appalling to me.

    They should all be locked up.

  2. I have to agree; The woman is a true monster- the baby for the Goddess' sake- a warm lovely being with sucha smile- reduced to grimy bones, and she does't even whimper! Baez needs to get that girl a drama coach, FAST!

    I remember holding my baby girl, and I tear up- she is fine healthy but no longer a baby and not here all the time, I cannot imagine how wild I would beif she was missing, let alone dead!

  3. It looks like she's putting on some weight ... Must be all those snacks.

  4. They were ranting and raving at Scared Monkeys yesterday about that. Eventually some folks posted that agree with me--she may be slightly less skeletal, but she is still maybe a size 2 or 3.

    She is a "cold piece of punk," to quote a line from I show I was in recently!

  5. Have a good weekend, Ronni. I'll check in on Monday.

    Brother will arrive on Saturday evening. Ciao!

  6. Ronni:

    My late boyfriend was a criminal defense attorney and he told me that his clients always looked to be a bit heavier after a few months in prison due in part to the fact that the prison serves pasta for dinner at least 4 days a week and mealtime becomes something to look forward to as a diversion from cell time.

    And--bad behaviors are often unavailable like drinking in particular. So the imprisoned look different. Remember how Scott Peterson's looks changed? He actually looked better after a few months in jail--losing his puffy booze-using look.

  7. It is reported that people from "all over the country" are sending money to Casey's jail account.

    What kind of individual would feel the need to send money to a person who is alleged to have killed their 2 year old in cold blood & then left her body to rot in the woods?

    Why? I could understand if there was a legit fund to purchase a proper grave marker but to buy more cheesies and coconut-butter body lotion?

    I don't think so.

    Ronni, I agree that she should 'fess up and put an end to this crock but, as you no doubt know, that is not in the repetoire of narcissistic murderers.

    When will someone step up and have that sweet baby laid to rest?

    Is it true that Casey's parents are seeking immunity? If so, from what?

    My God! - a child is dead. Can any of them simply cut the crap and do the right thing?

  8. Ronni:

    I watched the video of Casey's day in court--and at one point she turned around and smiled and said HI to someone in the audience.

    Any idea who that was? It was not her parents or brother according to Nancy Grace.

  9. I missed that! I'll have to go back and look.