Friday, January 09, 2009

Brevard in the News

AP article

The little town of Brevard, North Carolina, home to civilly declared slayer Jason Young, and his former high school teacher, mentor and apologist John Goins, had another disturbed individual surface yesterday.

BREVARD, N.C. (AP) — A teenager who authorities say was plotting to "shoot up" a North Carolina high school is in custody because of a tip from a teen who chatted with the suspect online, investigators said Thursday.

Investigators took a 15-year-old boy into custody last Friday and found at his home a computer and DVD with plans for an attack on Brevard High School, Transylvania County Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Brian Kreigsman said. Kreigsman said the plans were not elaborate, and would not say whether weapons were found.

When I visited Brevard last summer, it reminded me a bit of our neighbour up the road, Georgetown. Brevard is much smaller, but has the same aura of almost stultifying niceness.

I grew up in a town like that. I couldn't wait to get away!

When I was fifteen, I was plotting to get my parents to let me go and see the Beatles. With such important things afoot, I had no time for plans to tear up my school.

In such ways does music improve the lives of all of us.

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