Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wolf Moon/Quiet Moon

Full Moon Names
Wikipedia Article
It seems that most cultures have named the full moons of different months.

My mom always referred to the January full moon as "the quiet moon."

There's something magical about a full moon, and even more so in the winter. Here in Texas, I have never seen snow at full moon. Still, the magic is there.

As a child in British Columbia, I was more accustomed to rain than snow, but I do remember one January full moon when it snowed. I know it was January, because I was out in the snow, barefoot, in my new Christmas pajamas. For some reason, it didn't feel all that cold, though my feet were pretty numb when I came in. It was the middle of the night, and my parents were sound asleep. I thought I had got away with it, but the snow had stopped and the sky had cleared (or I wouldn't have been able to see the moon). In the morning, Mom was intensely curious about the little bare footprints all over the yard.

Good times. Magic times.

(this photo is courtesy of Photobucket)


  1. I LOVE that picture! Gorgeous! I was glad the fog was at bay to see the moon last night. It was beautiful!

  2. Isn't it lovely?

    You can almost feel the still chill...

  3. You always come up with something interesting.

    Beautiful picture.