Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Interesting Question

I just lifted this from the following link:

Quiz: Are you a sociopath?

If you have seen this don't answer please. Don't google it. Just try and answer. There is no wrong or right answer.

Here is the question.

A woman is at her mother's funeral. There she meets a man, who is a friend of the family but she doesn't personally know. She is captivated by him but he leaves without her getting his name.

The next day she kills her sister. Why?


  1. I had to go see the answer. I thought it was because the sister inherited everything from the mom :)

  2. You're not supposed to PEEK! You're supposed to GUESS!

    Still, as the object os to see if you think like a sociopath, you are on solid ground.

    I got it right in a heartbeat. What does that say about me?

  3. I just had no idea! Now, it seems so obvious. lol

    My brother was here for 2 days, had a tiff with his girlfriend and left to take her back to London. Sigh.

    He said he might do another shooting visit on Sunday and go back Tuesday.

  4. He should have just bought her a bus ticket.

    She was probably jealous.

  5. I'm going to guess that it's because she wants to see the guy again. It seems to be the simplest answer, and sociopaths are not complex thinkers. Then again, maybe I just read too much Ruth Rendell.

  6. I think she kills her sister in order to gain the sympathy and perhaps affection of the man she's intrigued by.

    One fact has me confused; shouldn't she know this man's name if he's a friend of the family? After all, she's part of that family.

    Unless she's the "Black Sheep" of said family. Since a sociopath has no real feelings for anyone other than themselves, that would explain her willingness to kill her sister in order to meet this man.

    The extra bonus would be if her sister was first in line to inherit her mother's estate. She'd be killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. Love, lust or sex and money being the biggest motivations for crimes of passion.

    Wow, she IS crazy.

  7. Mgt, as for your brother's girlfriend; since she had such a stick up her behind, she could've just pole vaulted back to London.


  8. You guys are right, unfortunately he is the kind of man who will do the honourable thing. He has had to buy her a second ticket home. Just wants rid of her I think.

    Of course he could just be a generous putz.....

    Love the suggestions, BTW. LOL

  9. I'm going to say, she kills her sister so there is another funeral and the man will show up to that funeral since as it was previously mentioned he is a friend of the family...

  10. Ronni:

    Am I the only one who became immediately enraged when watching the news about Obama's new CPO?

    He appoints a woman to this newly created post and describes her duties as SCRUBBING the budget.

    I found it insulting and a bit of a throwback--or very revealing--one of the two.

    Did I over-react?

  11. Susan, I'm fairly sure this is just a figure of speech. while I'm aware that such choices of metaphor can be very revealing, I'm thinking he would have used the same one if he had appointed a man. I did not see the announcement though, so that's just off the top of my head.

    Lord knows, SOMEBODY needs to "scrub" the budget, and if a woman is the best qualified for the job, I say go for it.

    Which black actress was in, in the 1930s and 40s who said, "It's better to play a maid than be one," when castigated by other African Americans for accepting so many roles as servants?

    Let's give the man a chance.

    In short; I hope you over-reacted. I am taking a wait-and-see attitude

    "Only time will tell..."

  12. By the way, David and CiCi are right...

  13. Ronni:

    I am a huge Obama supporter--but the remark really hit me as odd.

    I think that if he had appointed a man--he would have used a verb like "Marshall" or "police" something like that.

    But that is just my opinion. I am sure he has heard about it.

  14. I know a lot of people who scrub...men and women. I don't find it an offensive word at all.

    The word has different meanings including delete, cleanse and cancel.

  15. I knew the answer since I have gotten this test before (I failed YAY not a psychopath) the first time. After I found out the answer it was in fact obvious, but it would never occur to me. So those that actually guessed? (sorry lol)

    As for Obama's reference. Susan is being a bit too sensitive about the word scrub. The budget needs to be scrubbed, and he is with it. And guys scrub too. And it doesnt always refer to cleaning floors as Mgt. pointed out. No offense to Susan of course, but sometimes people are too sensitive with words. That irritates me.

    If I am expected to not say what I want for fear of (whatever group may take it) being PC kill me now.

    Hell, I dont even know what to call a Black person now when describing them. Being Black doesnt necessarily mean you are from Africa! Or that your ancestors were as a matter of fact.

  16. There was a fascinating article about the study of psychopaths (previously termed sociopaths) in a recent New Yorker. It's a long read, but well worth while!


  17. Heh, I fail the sociopath test. My immediate reaction was, "What?! Why the hell would she kill her own sister, and what does a man have to do with it?"

    So. Not only am I not a sociopath? I'm also clueless and maybe even naive. ;)

  18. Lisa F - You PASSED the test lol. Anyone who can guess failed.