Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Little Shelf

There used to be a towel rack here. After Jim died, I put up the flower night light, and replaced the towel rack with an Ikea paper towel holder. I had the idea that paper towels were better than a hand towel, in a sanitary sort of way.

However the paper towel holder was a monster; all brushed stainless steel and sharky-looking teeth. A while back, I bought this little shelf at the thrift shop. Last week, I found it in the closet and finally put it up.

Notice my vintage 1980s hand towel.


  1. Impressive, Ronni.

    You sure do have a (nik)knack for decorating.

    Gotta love the towel!

  2. Decorating???

    An old wine bottle, a 1930s vase, an Avon bottle and a rubber duckie in cap and gown...

    Oh, and a couple of cuttings off a very hardy pothos plant.

    I do have an eye for a hokey towel, though!

    Thanks for the compliment...

  3. Much more attractive than the steel jawed paper towell holder!

  4. I stand by my comment re: your decorating. I have been wanting a shelf for a while and your post inspired to me order a 2 shelf folding (whateverthatmeans??) natural rattan. I have been collecting "treasures" at 2nd hand stores and will finally have a place to display them. In fact, I will hereby & forevermore dub it my "Ronni shelf". I have a few very expensive Royal Doultons (longgg story) but they will remains in their boxes while my "statement pieces" are displayed. I graduating duck speaks volumes:-) I betcha that wine bottles could tell a tale or two!

    Are ya convinced yet that I meant what I said?

  5. That looks spanking, Ronni. Well done you!

  6. Thanks1 I think it's better than what was there before!