Monday, December 15, 2008

Madness at the HEB

People, people, people...

Just because Troy Kimmel issues a Winter Weather Watch on KASE 101, doesn't mean we are going to be snowed in by morning. You don't have to run to the HEB and buy them out of toilet paper.

I think I got the last loaf of wheat bread in the place!

I did learn something, though. If you go around the store singing, humming and whistling "Winter Wonderland," people tend to get out of your way. Especially if you sort of skip along to the tune.

I can be eccentric. It's allowed.


  1. The weather must be bad everywhere. Scotland has been bone chilling.

  2. Ronni, I hope you don't mind me putting this link in here....

  3. Thanks for that, Mgt. Very interesting...and creepy!

  4. Yes, what have they done that they need immunity....?

  5. They gave "conflicting stories."

    For starters, they all swore that June 9 was the last time they saw Caylee, until somebody pointed out that the video footage of her with Great Grandfather was dated the 15th. Then they collectively remembered that it was Father's Day when they went to see him.

    On the 911 call, Cindy told the police "it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car," and later insisted it was a pizza. I'm sure there are dozens of others, but I'm still half asleep.

  6. Well, I don't think LE needs them anymore. I hope they fail in their attempt at immunity.

    They could make a lot of money if they bring out a book. Not fair if they can't be prosecuted for exposing what they know. Especially after that precious little soul has been lying in a ditch.

  7. LOL .. I love your attitude Vero.

    Now here in Canada we get really major weather but you've given me an interesting idea. Skipping and running while singing through the snow.

    Funny thing is .. no one around me would think that strange.

    Hmmm... I shouldn't admit that.

    Wanted to pop by and wish you a peaceful and good Christmas.

    I know peace is worth more than money can buy.

    I'm still doing not too badly, however a small shadow is appearing during cat scans. But heck, I will positive thinking visualize it away. It may be nothing.

    Much Love and hugs to you

    Ponder (Nancy)

  8. Back atcha, Ponder! Hoping everything comes out all right!

  9. Hiya, Ponder. Wishing you well!

  10. RONNI, I love eccentric! Oh the trouble we would get into if we ever got together! You go girl! LOL
    You made me smile a big smile with this one!
    Keep skipping!

  11. I was telling the cashier in Walgreens about it tonight. She was laughing! She looked like she needed a laugh.