Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Damn, Damn, Damn

My oven is dying. I opened it tonight to take out my baked potato, and one spot on the element was glowing white hot.

I know what that means! It means that my 33-year-old, tract-house-special, Harvest Gold 1975 Roper electric oven is about to kick the proverbial bucket.

Anyone out there have a (newer) used electric stove they would like to trade for a really good gas dryer? Or even a little bit of money?

Because I can't cook a turkey in a toaster oven.


  1. You might try Craig's List for trades. Tell the fambly all you want for Christmas is an oven that works!

    Check it out, Ronni.
    Scratch and Dent specials from $179.00 at GIANT Discount Appliances in Round Rock: http://www.giantappliances.com/index.php?scode=0&menu=7

  2. If you start a fund, I'll send money. What a bummer!

  3. LOL, Mgt! Not starting a fund!

    Nadine, thanks for the link. That store is about a block from the costume shop.

  4. You may just need a new element. I've had to replace the ones in my 1952 electromatic.

  5. No luck at the parts site that came up in my search.

    Maybe I should ask at Lowe's...

  6. You don't need to cook a turkey for Christmas ... I have a hayum.

  7. It's a HAYUM!!!


    I wonder if I can make sausage cheese balls in a toaster oven...

    Maybe I should bring something different...Misfit Devilled Eggs? Confetti Dip?

  8. Hi Vero. For what it's worth, I use a toaster oven for just about everything. I find for one person, the reg. oven is just a waste of power. I do baked pot.s in the toaster oven.

    Of course you need the reg. oven for chickens, turkeys, etc.

    Let me know what you decide (by email) .. a donation can be willingly given.

  9. I love you guys, but please don't think I'm looking for help getting a new oven, because I'm not. I'm just complaining. It's probably time for the old stove to go to the recycling center, and I will cope just fine.

    But thanks for the offers...

  10. Well I was gonna suggest Craig's list,but I see Nadine beat me to it! lol
    I don't know if I told you, but we got flooded last week and it got my washer and dryer! and a lot of aother stuff too,got caught with my pants down on that one! If it wasn't for James, Eric's youngest, I would have to go to the laundromat till spring! that boy I thought hated me apparently cared enough to take his dad out and buy me a brand new matched set of maytags! I was shocked to say the least. (we put them WAY up on blocks lol)
    And I would have given you a good stove as I have an extra one here, but I live in CT! I hope you have luck in finding a good one. I know what it is like to not have a lot of money. sucks.

  11. I am visualizing a new oven.

    I am visualizing the dirt behind this one, that will become all too apparent when I do get a new one.

    I will need a new vent-hood, too, as this one hasn't worked in years.

  12. Ahhh ya, remembering the days when it was fashionable to have colored appliances - choices were harvest gold or avacado (ickk!). Then along came almond & black fronts.

    Who knew that white wouldn't become extinct?

    I didn't like stainless steel when they first appeared but have warmed up to them - I haven't gone whole hog but my smaller appliances are all stainless as is my garbage bin -- not sure why they are called stainless tho -- a bugger with fingerprints!

    PS I hope your problem is solved but did you know that a gas barbecue bakes a mean bird?