Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poor Old Red

He's ten years older than God. He is the last of Addy's cats still living, and he was an adult when he came to her. He has been around for twelve years that I know of.

This latest bit of cold weather has been hard on him. I put a towel along the bottom of the front door because it was drafty, and he has taken up residence there.

The other night, he was curled up in a corner in my bedroom, wheezing and slurping. He sounded almost as bad as SSS's chocolate lab, who was allergic to fleas and flea stuff, and slobbered all over himself in a most disgusting manner. All the time.

It will be warmer here for the next few days, so he will have a reprieve before the next Norther blows through on Saturday night.

He's not very cuddly, and, if he wants to sit on my lap I have to get a thick towel or blanket. He has very strong claws, and he kneads. He has actually punctured people.

Also, he is beginning to smell.

Poor old thing.


  1. Poor puutty cat..It's sad when they grow old,all you can do is love them and try to make them comfortable.
    I miss my cats.
    I don't miss the hair.

  2. That's a shame. I was hoping you were missing the hair. I could send you some...

  3. I've got plenty of hair, thank you. 3 kitty cats and especially the dog. I'd bet there's enough hair in the vacuum cleaner every week to make an entire new dog.