Monday, December 22, 2008

Can Anyone Help?

I just got this from Renee:

This is just a quick note. I am sure most or all of you that could have already done something like this but Andy and I were at Posada’s off of I35 in Pflugerville tonight. Up on their counter is a ton of names of children in foster care or shelters that are not getting any Christmas so far. Most of these kids will not have a Christmas unless someone takes their name and it just made me so sad. Andy and I are going shopping for some tonight but if you have the time and the money (and if you can, please make the time, I know it’s crazy right now!), please go by Posada’s and grab a name and buy and wrap a present. The sign says they need to be back in by the 23rd but the Manager of the restaurant said that the shelter lady also said she would come by on the 24th. If you can’t do anything, please forward to the people you know in the area so that these kids have some kind of Christmas this year. It’s not even in Round Rock. It’s the Pflugerville area but kids are kids wherever they live and since I know now that they are out there and without, I just want to do what I can even if it’s just forwarding an email.


Please...anyone in the area...let's do what we can.

Are there dozens of presents for your children under the tree? Do you really think they will miss one of them? Please let us try to make this a giving Christmas...

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