Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Childhood Friend

Happy Birthday, Anne Paton, wherever you are!

Anne Paton (not the South African one) was born in England on December 23rd, 1949. She attended Abbotsford School for girls while she lived in Balsall Common, now a suburb of Coventry. She was an only child, and her dad bred pigeons and budgerigars.

She married young. I had a wedding picture, but can't find it now. She had two sons, and, I believe, divorced.

She was my bestest friend when I was six and seven, and when my family moved to Canada, we kept in touch by mail for years and years.

Now, we've been out of touch for years and years, and she has never registered with Friends Reunited (England's version of Classmates.com).

I wonder if she ever googles her own name. I hope so.

Happy Birthday, Anne Paton, wherever you are.

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