Sunday, December 21, 2008

Old Dogs


A new warrant was served on the Anthony residence right after the site where the child's body was found was released.

On Larry King's show, Mark Geragos was pontificating as usual, and is quoted thus:
Perhaps not enough to save Casey Anthony, said famed defense attorney Mark Geragos, who is not associated with the case.

"The defense will try to focus, I'm sure, on all of the forensic evidence and whatever else they can do," he told King. "But they're always going to be up against it with the 'She didn't act right' evidence, and that's the hardest thing to combat in this case."

I am amazed (ding). Stupefied!

Apparently the sleaze-ball defense lawyer did learn something from the trial of Scott Peterson. At that time, he maintained that Scott's actions after the fact were insignificant to the case, and proved nothing. He sure didn't think such actions were "evidence" then!

It just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks!


  1. Ronni said: "It just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks!"

    Also ....

    It just goes to show that dogs can be hypocrits too.

    Also ....

    It only goes to show that, not only can dogs don a business suit and speak, they can double-speak.

  2. Peterson was convicted by the media, not by any facts. The police spent 20,000 hours - and $11 million - and found one hair and some cement mess, nothing else. No evidence of murder was ever found.
    Most who believe Scott is guilty don't know what the evidence actually is and so misstate it. To save arguing it here, go look at
    to see what the prosecution had - which was nonsense.
    Then look at
    to see what the real circumstantial evidence in this case actually proved.
    18 items of evidence for fetal abduction.
    Zero for uxoricide.

    And so with this case. So far there is evidence that the child died and the mother disposed of the body. This is a misdemeanor. What has not been shown is that the child was killed by another person AND that that person was Casey.

  3. Oh, JOY! The sadly misnamed "voice of sanity" is back!

    Do you have some sort of google alert set up to bring you anything that mentions Scott Peterson's name?

    In a criminal trial, the case must be proven "beyond a REASONABLE doubt." "Voice of sanity" wants cases proven beyond any shadow of a doubt.

    What "voice of sanity" does not take into consideration is that so uncommon quality: common sense. "Voice of sanity" cannot relate, because there is none in his/her family and never has been.

    How's the diet going?

  4. VOS, I can't believe you are still blogging about Peterson! Good lord! Don't you have something to do? A life?

    No matter what machinations you are trying to finagle, the man killed his wife and unborn child.

    Get over it.

  5. Voice of insanity is more like it!

  6. Ronni, I was reading the comments left here,are you a magnet for strange ones? lol
    And I really can't comment about what you wrote,because I haven't followed the case,other then to say it's just terrible that another little girl is dead, we live in such a sad sad world.

  7. Terri, this one pops up whenever I mention Scott Peterson. She was obviously one of his defenders during the trial, and I probably argued with her at CourtTv, back in the day...

    Some of them have never given up. To them, circumstantial evidence is no evidence. They wouldn't believe him guilty if they saw a video of him killing her. They'd say it was shopped somehow.

    They were totally rabid.

    I have a google alert for the name "Mark Geragos." I think she must have one for "Scott Peterson."

  8. I doubt whether Geragos has learned anything new. He probably does realise that the Anthony's could never afford to hire him, though.

    He was on LKL splabbing about how guilty he thought Scott was until the family hired him. Then, suddenly, there was the brown van....they did it!! Cough, splutter....idiot!

  9. HI Ronni:

    Thanks for posting this as I missed it on TV. On TruTV Friday, a Criminal Defense attorney from Florida did say that the job of Baez is to be continuously creating doubt. . .

    I guess that is the next step in the Anthony case--all the doubt theories.

    I agree with Mark--she did not act like a mother distraught over the loss of her toddler.

  10. Re: Voice of Sanity - Totally think she has some kind of notification anytime Scott Peterson is mentioned. I visit quite a few crime forums as well. And if he is mentioned, THERE she is. Obsessive and a bit nuts.

  11. Or does she have the screaming thighsweats for him? lol