Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This is a very important election, so get off your duff and out to the polling place. The only reason not to is if you are too stupid to pound sand, and think everything is going just fine.

To hell with four years ago--are you any better off than you were last week?

Didn't think so.

Bear in mind: taxes will go up no matter who is elected. So vote for the one who will spend them in a good way.

No more welfare for corporate executives.

We need the economy to improve. We need education to improve. Health care. The environment. The physical infrastructure of this country. A lot of things have gone to hell in a hand basket while our current administration has bailed out rich guys and waged war on medieval rabble rousers.

Most of all we need an end to the depredations this administration has made into our Constitutional rights.

So get on out there and exercise your Constitutional right and responsibility to vote.


  1. Yes Ma'am, I will be going at lunch time (taking a late lunch hoping to avoid a long line)

    This year is easier than last time. Last election I was voting AGAINST somebody, not that I liked Kerry all that much.

    This year I actually like the guy I am voting for, and just a hint, his running mate does NOT say You Betchya! And he doenst call his wife the C-word.

  2. Already voted absentee.

    Go OBAMA!