Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President-Elect Obama

I am chuffed!

The vitality and energy and strength on the stage tonight at Grant Park bodes well for us. It's electrifying! Nothing cautious about it...no recounts required. Time for a change!

Perhaps Democracy is not dead...


  1. YAY!! Lets hope prop 8 in Cali fails now.

    I am so excited!

  2. Well done, America! I'm so relieved.

    Oh, and, Congratulations to Obama.

  3. His speach was so moving! Today I'm proud to be an American.

  4. I liked it, too! We are all pretty excited...

    Brendan called--I haven't heard him so excited since the Longhorns won the National Championship!

  5. It's about time.

    Btw, I sent out your package today. I finally received it, turns out there are some problems over at paypal.

  6. i didn't see the speech but heard it... i also watched his infomercial... the man moved me to tears... of joy... of hope... of CHANGE!!! it's about time we got someone elected who says he can't do it himself... he needs......US!!! u, me, the US the UNITED STATES!!! to be UNITED!!! and i think he will lead us all in that direction...he gives hope and promise to more than we will ever really know... a hope that ANYONE can be president... and if that is not your goal? DARE TO DREAM!!!! and GO FOR IT....no matter WHO YOU ARE.. or where you come from... or who raises you... this election was the real GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND..


  7. Lots of NZ'ers were similarly moved by Obama's speech, Ronni. Not that we are particularly important in the scheme of international things, we are very much affected by what happens over there.