Monday, November 03, 2008

So Far, So Good

I have covered the inside cat door; barricaded it, if you will, with a glass shower door I found in the garage.

I sat up very late, and the beast did try to get in, but couldn't. Another beast tried, too. I'm not sure what it was--probably a raccoon. gore in the laundry room, and my dryer is running much more efficiently.

I don't like to be barricaded into my house, but it's better than having wild beasts come in and tear things up.


  1. Having to go to that much trouble over an animal would bring out the worst in me. I take my hat off to you.

    Good luck, America. A big day today. I doubt whether I will get much sleep tonight waiting for the results coming in.

    Let's hope those dodgy machines are working today! Florida, are you listening?

  2. If your dryer vents to the outdoors, make sure you cover the vent (screw onto the wall outdoors) with a square of strong meshed wire (not window screen) with about 1/4" squares that rats, mice, can't get into. Once I found a dead rat in our dryer. That's one of the ways to critter-proof your home. You'll have to remove or vacuum periodically to remove lint. It's a hassle, but better than rats in the clothes.

  3. I know you are right, but the freakin' thing is ON THE ROOF!

    The new contraption vents into a tub of water right by the dryer, and the old one is disconnected. I will block the bottom end, and, eventually, get somebody up on the roof to block the pipe. Hopefully, that has already been done, as there has never been a history of things coming in that way.

  4. I'm sorry I missed your 'dillo stories at the time...but I just giggled *sorry*.....
    A couple months ago I had 2 raccoons come in through my dog door. One of them met his fate at the paws of my beagle...the other was on top of the cabinet above the refrigerator. OY!
    He was there for 2 days then ended up on the counter behind my microwave, where I gathered him in a cat carrier and let him go out the front door....I see years of counseling in his future.