Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Little Gravesite

During my Sunday perambulations, I came across this.

I have no idea Who Daniel Monroe McRae was, or why he rates this little 50' x 50' graveyard. It's in an uneasy spot in today's world, between a fairly busy street and a soccer park. A jogging trail winds between the gravesite and the soccer fields. I was driving around Cedar Park before going to the play on Sunday, and spotted it. There was a big, weathered wooden sign outside the gates, but it has nothing written on it. The fence is split rail, and the gates are wrought iron.

That's an International Woodworker's symbol on the granite marker.

Just another of this area's little mysteries.


  1. It sounds as though there is Scottish ancestry there, Ronni. A nice peaceful spot, to watch what's going on.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, Mgt. There are a lot of Scots in Texas. I have never done the research to find out why, but there is a Texas Scots Festival every year, and weekend before last, a Scottish Games about 50 miles away. I would have gone, but Ramona had a football game to go to, so I had to be at the shop.