Tuesday, November 18, 2008

By the Way...

I am updating my blog links, so, if your blog is on my list, and you haven't written an entry in 30 days, you are going bye-bye.

I hate to be like that, but I also dislike clicking on a link to an entry I've read four hundred and thirty-seven times.


  1. waaah...! I'm going away?

    I have a million excuses for not writing: This is Shelby's senior year, my scanner is broken so I can't scan photos, I've been working too hard, we are racing to finish the remodel before Thanksgiving, I got roped into being the secretary of our square dance club, my allergies are killing me, and... I'm a lazy butt. (Wow... I guess I could have written an entry with all this. Maybe I will, after tonight's band concert or tomorrows choir practice. :)


  2. I dropped about ten, Stella. Even the woman who got me blogging in the first place.

    I understand there are times when there is just flat nothing to say.

    You are still in my favourites. As soon as you post something, I'll put you back, because you are a good read.

    I would have voted for you for secretary of the square dance club. I wish I had the cojones to do some dancing. There are dance lessons available here, where you don't have to bring your own partner, put square dancers go in pairs, pretty much, don't they?

    I used to square dance, years ago. Probably don't have enough stamina any more!

  3. OK, I got the kick in the pants! lol thank you, (I think lol).
    I do have some stories to tell,just been very ill.
    Heck with a life like mine there is always SOMETHING to talk about!
    Just maybe not always appropriate for here. hehehe
    Hope all is well with you. Terri

  4. You make an interesting point about blogs that have been dormant for quite a while--when once they were quite reliably active.

    Recently, a couple of my favorites have announced that they are terminating the blogs--one gave the reason that real life was interesting again!!!




    What would I do? Where would I go? Does CTS atrophy? I cannot imagine not having a blog! After all, I did this even when life was interesting!

  6. Been cutting up socks and making clothes for toy wrestlers for 2 nights on the trot. Tonight I want to watch some telly.

    I could never run a blog. I'm too boring. Glad yours is always here, though. I'd miss you like crazy.

  7. I finally started a blog, and it's been great therapy! After over a year of enjoying yours and Marsha's I figured it was time. I am going to encourage my daughter to start one too, she loves to write.