Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Happens?

I don't actually believe in an afterlife. Not the kind in which we spend eternity either frolicking with angels or being tormented by fiends. I do, however, believe that the energy, consciousness...soul, if you will, of a person can hang around those loved in this life. I believe Jim does this, and it gives me a measure of comfort.

The thing is, all these tiny manifestations of his presence--seats moving at the theater, and the shoe incident during "The Oldest Profession," the pennies, the acorns, the scent--all these things must use up a lot of energy.

Even Jim, legendary for his energetic teaching, has to run out eventually.

And then I will be really alone.


  1. There could be something waiting around the corner...maybe you will write a play or find a new pal. Someone who will understand not to crowd you and just be there.

    Who knows, it depends what you like to do. A meal at a restaurant and a movie every now and then, perhaps.

  2. Every potential "pal" will fall short of what I want, though. What I want is dead.

  3. I know, I'm so sorry!

    Please forgive me for this link...I thought you might not know yet.

  4. My belief in the afterlife notwithstanding, I believe the type of energy you reference is unlimited.

    For good or for bad ..


  5. Surely my mother would be finding ways of giving me pointers if there is an afterlife! But, then, why should she?