Thursday, September 04, 2008

An Evening Out

Gumbietygress and Russ took me out to dinner this evening, after Lynn was kind enough to let me off rehearsal.

It was nice to sit over a good meal and a glass of beer, swapping theater gossip and risque jokes.

It was a belated birthday celebration.

If all my birthdays could be this good, I'd make them all a few months late!


  1. I could do with some grownup time myself. Glad you enjoyed it. And well deserved, I'm sure.

  2. Great story - but not true. See

  3. You're welcome! Our pleasure ... As I say when I send my ubiquitously late Bday cards: "Birthday card not late -- party extended!" Here's to extended runs to appreciative audiences....
    And lovely evenings chatting on patios.


    (Oh, and 'anonymous'? *THIS* one was true, I was there. You must mean that other post over there =pointing= and, well, no, probably not true exactly as written, but I can tell you some absolutely true boners just as wild, even from "smart users" (including many cases of not checking to see if the thing was plugged in, first). You want to question human intelligence chat with someone who works in tech support for a while. woo!)