Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cindy Anthony--More BS

The woman is losing it. Has lost it. If, of course, she ever had it.

Nancy Grace had to ask her three times why she didn't release the phone records that prove that Casey told the truth about the call from Caylee, among others. Three times! The first two, Cindy was actually at a loss for words. For several seconds in a row, Cindy Anthony had nothing to say.

She recovered pretty quickly, on the offensive, "Why don't they release something? Like the tips they are getting?"

Gotta get the focus off the lie.

I mean, really, people; who do you believe--the police, or this crackpot?

She says the cadaver dogs could have hit on the odor of wet diaper that might have been in a garbage bag in the trunk of Casey's car.


Apparently, she has got crosswise with Tim Miller, trying to tell him how to search. And where to search. And what to search for. The poor guy was almost in tears, right there on national TV. Tim has been there, and the last thing he wants to do is badmouth a family member of a missing child, but Cindy's insistence on controlling everything is getting him down.

I hope they can find Caylee soon, or Cindy is going to be a total basket case--creeping about the country, following up every kook tip called in on the phone.

She referred to Caseys lies as "mistruths" and "half truths."

Cindy. I got news. There's a word for such statements; it's "lies."

You cannot remake the world into your own image. Lies are lies. FBI DNA analysis is not hocus-pocus. The police do not have tunnel vision in regards to Casey's possible guilt.

Get a grip, woman.


I never thought she had any sort of active role in Caylee's death.

I just think she is an abrasive, uber-controlling person who needs to just shut up. The family (read: Cindy) appointed a spokesman. Families do that when they want a calm, objective mouthpiece that won't rile people. Cindy should let the spokesman speak.

Still, she has to be the one. She has to talk, pound the pegs for the "No Trespassing" signs, and argue with idiots who feel the need to come to her house and berate her.

If it were me, I'd tell them all, in no uncertain terms, to go away. Then, I'd go inside, call the cops (as George did), and ignore them from then on. What I would not do is argue with them.

She says she called in TES to not find Caylee (more or less). She wanted them to search to prove to all the maggots, parasites and leeches (that's us, folks) that Caylee wasn't dead. I don't quite understand how not finding a body proves Caylee is alive. If that bit of logic were true, the families of other lost and missing people would be very gratified to hear it.

The fact remains that, even though I don't think Cindy is guilty of anything more than denial and general obnoxiousness, she should STILL just SHUT UP and stop telling people what to do, where to look, and what to look for.

What she should be doing is telling CASEY to come clean, NOW, so all these people can go home.


  1. Your right she needs to be telling Casey to come clean. I don't know how Casey can sleep at night really. It is so disgusting.

  2. Oh I love your comments here... And this reminds me of a parenting book I just saw at the library, a new-ish release called: "A Nation of Wimps"

    I think Cindy Anthony needs to read this book ASAP because her LYING daughter's pattern of behavior didn't come out of thin air. Cindy is a parent and has failed to demonstrate a key aspect of parenting - Calling your children on blatant lies and holding them to account.

    "A Nation of Wimps"... we could probably all use that book. :)

    Here's a link to the CNN interview with Cindy Anthony. It just turns my stomach listening to her go on and on:


  3. Ronni:

    I know this may sound crazy--but do you think she fed Cayley's body to a crocodile?

  4. She wouldn't even have to. Just dump her in a swamp. A lot of that about.

  5. Interestingly the wet and dirty diapers excuse was also used by the Mccanns as reasons for the cadaver dogs alerting to the hire car.

    a link to the dogs alerting to the mccanns hire car and apartment is here

  6. Another case in which it seems total strangers cared more than the child's parents. I didn't follow that one in any detail.

  7. It's an interesting case - with the family attacking the police from the first hours whilst not actually doing any searching for their daughter themselves.

    The happy smiling faces , strange body language , jogging, tennis lessons, fund raising, world tour, and getting lawyers within days of the disappearance just don't seem to mesh with the saintly image they have tried to project.

    It's certain that people with ordinary low class jobs would not have had the massive support from the Uk government and press -though its possible that the tide is starting to turn, now that the police evidence is coming out.

  8. I thought they were officially cleared?

  9. Currently the investigation has been shelved and status of arguido removed due to insufficient evidence. This has been spun as parents innocent and no evidence but that doesn't seem to be the case.
    A senior police from portugal said that the investigation is ongoing quietly because they do not want to give up on Madeleine and the implication is that the police are not looking for anyone else.

    Unfortunately some cases just can't be proved even if the police are pretty sure who did it.

    the dna and cadaver scent was dismissed by the family as due to spilled blood from rotten meat, dirty diapers and the sweaty sandals belonging to Madeleine which were now being reused by Amelie.

    Very bizarre

  10. Goodness me, Alison. Can you keep us update, please. I did so many twists and turns on the McCann case.

  11. I'll try.

    For some reason it has been a case that i started following closely from the very beginning because the stories did not ring true.

    It seems to be in the police files that the parents and friends spent time before the police arrived writing a timeline of their evening comings and goings on a page torn from one of Madeleine's books , allowed lots of people into the room which added confusion to the forensics, shouted about abduction before looking to see if she had wandered off from an unlocked apartment. {the reported smashed shutters and open window were not tampered with and the only fingerprints on the window or shutters belonged to the mother.]

    The parents jogged around the town and beach every day but admitted they did not actually physically look for their daughter, they just prayed and raised cash.

    The police did not want the eye peculiarity known for fear of an abductor harming the child but the parents thought it 'was a good marketing ploy' in the words of her father.

    During an attempted extortion attempt, the father was described as being unconcerned and chatting and joking with the british police liaison officers about football and sucking a chupachups lolly , whilst the Portuguese police were on edge wondering if this was a chance to negotiate with the kidnapper.

    Loads of inconsistencies in statements but they hired powerful lawyers early on and took on more later specialising in fighting extradition and libel. Libel laws in the Uk are the ones that everyone wants to use because if you have enough money to bring a case its quite difficult to lose.

    Strangely the private eyes hired appeared to be self aggrandising and expensive with zero experience in missing children cases.

    Dog alerts in the Ms apartment
    cadaver odour dog alerted in the couple’s bedroom, in a corner, close to the wardrobe and in the living room, behind the sofa, close to the window
    The blood dog signalled in the living room, behind the sofa, close to the window of the apartment (exactly where the cadaver odour dog signalled )

    [It was proved by police that no one has ever died in the holiday apartment before it was rented out by the holiday company ]

    cadaver odour dog reacted to some of Mccann belongings- two pieces of clothing belonging to Kate, one piece of Madeleine's clothing ,the plush toy cat, possibly belonging to Madeleine
    {explanation from family was that kate a part time Gp of 1 or 2 days per week max] had signed the death certificates of 6 people before leaving for holiday and had taken the toy with her to work]

    In the hire car the cadaver odour dog signalled the key of the vehicle and to the car door

    the blood dog alerted to the key of the vehicle and signalled in the car boot space

    The family said the reaction to the car was due to rotten pork that was being taken to a rubbish dump , dirty nappies and Madeleine's sweaty sandals which were now being worn by Amelie

    More information is being released all the time as the police files are translated from Portuguese by journalists so I expect there is a lot more info to come out

  12. I would need to be convinced of a motive.

    In the Caylee case, there is clear motive--Casey would rather be a party slut that a mother.

    Why would the McCann's kill one of their children?

  13. Actually there are similarities in the personalities involved .

    The parents left the kids on their own in the apartment every night because 'it was their holiday too' and because 'they were just so into their friends'

    This is despite a evening babysitting creche that was included in the price of the holiday- however parents had to stay there till the kids fell asleep and would be phoned if they woke -so that potentially cuts into the drinking time.

    There was also an option of in-room baby sitting at a small charge but this was rejected too

    Accidental death and concealing a body was the working hypothesis by the police although some senior officers apparently felt there could be more to it than accident.

    Unfortunately, the police investigation was obstructed and the closest witnesses were uncooperative.

    The question is why hide a body?
    And why would a group of friends form a pact and get their stories straight before the police arrived.

    And why, given that there was no sign of a break in or disturbance, did they not think the child had wandered off by herself given that she woke and cried for over an hour one of the previous nights as witnessed by a neighbour [and reported to the holiday village organisers.]

    If you are interested in the case its worthwhile watching the televised interviews and watching the body language, evasive answers and things which changed over time.

    there are also some forums dedicated to the case -the best is probably http://www.the3arguidos.net/

    BTW I read the Erased book you mentioned a while back - lets just say there I had a large number of lightbulb moments regarding this case on reading it.